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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 26

12:00 AM: The injured total in Haifa has risen to 189.

10:39 PM: The former General of the Paratroops Brigade has been named the Commander of Infantry and Paratroops.

The IAF has attacked more Hezbollah launchers, 4th of the day, including those that were used to fire rockets into Haifa.

10:06 PM: IDF Special Forces have destroyed 7 Hezbollah launchers and killed at least 9 armed Hezbollah terrorists.

9:53 PM: The injured total in Haifa has risen to 130; 20 of those are in serious condition.

The condition of the 5 Golani soldiers injured earlier today are as follows: 1 is in serious condition, 1 is in moderate condition, and the rest were lightly injured.

A senior officer in northern Command is stating that it is possible that Hezbollah was able to keep an observation post on Kfar Giladi. Numerous questions have been raised about the attack this morning. For instance, why were the Reservists placed in a location that did not have adequete protection against Katyusha attacks, and why were the ammunitions placed in an exposed area where they were more likely to get hit?

9:26 PM: As a correction to earlier reports, it is now being confirmed that 6, not 5, rockets fell on Haifa about an hour and a half ago.

9:11 PM: MDA is reporting that 3 have now been killed by the Haifa attacks.

9:09 PM: MDA is reporting that at least 55 people have been injured as a result of the rocket attacks on Haifa.

IDF sources are reporting that the rockets that hit Haifa were the stronger and dealier ones that have been seen a few times before. They have more explosives, more shrapnel, and more ball bearings.

8:51 PM: 1 woman was killed as a result of the Haifa attacks about 20 minutes ago. There are people trapped in an apartment building that took a direct hit of a Katyusha.

Even-though we reported it earlier, the IDF just released permission for official publication that all those killed at Kfar Giladi earlier today were Reservists.

8:24 PM: On Channel 2, they are showing paramedics giving CPR to one of the victims of the Haifa attack.

8:22 PM: At least 1 person is in grave condition after the attack in Haifa. Dozens are injured.

8:12 PM: It looks like at least 1 rocket directly hit an apartment complex. They are attempting to get all those that were inside out. Already have seen 1 old man being escorted out with blood all over his face and shirt.

8:01 PM: MDA is reporting that dozens have been injured as a result of the attacks on Haifa just a short time ago.

7:56 PM: MDA is reporting that there are injuries from the latest rocket barrage on Haifa. No reports yet on how many or the extent of their injuries. At least 5 rockets fell directly into Haifa.

7:50 PM: A rocket barrage is falling on Haifa and its immediate area right now. No reports yet on injuries. At least one of the rockets fell very close to Rambam hospital, according to the Channel 2 reporter on the scene.

Knesset members are attempting to get a plan together as they feel that the residents of Kiryat Shmona and the area, having been living in bomb shelters for almost a month now, must be evacuated.

7:29 PM: Another person has died from his wounds from the Ktyusha attacks on Kfar Giladi earlier today. That brings today's death toll to 12.

The IAF has destroyed the launchers that were placed near Tzur (Tyre) that were used to launch Katyushas at Haifa and the Krayot.

7:22 PM: The IAF attacked the launcher used to fire rockets at the Krayot.

7:12 PM: MDA is reporting that since the beginning of fighting, almost 2,000 people have been injured as a result of the over 3,000 Katyusha rockets and mortars that have been fired into northern Israel.

7:04 PM: Despite today's events, the Tel-Aviv stock market rose, bringing in 2 billion shekels in commerce.

At least 7 Katyusha rockets fell in Emek Yizrael. No injuries reported.

Rockets also fell in the western Galilee. Fires are breaking out along the northern border as a result of Katyusha rockets. No injuries.

7:01 PM: During the latest rocket barrage, reports of Katyushas falling in the Krayot area. No reports on injuries yet.


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