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Monday, August 07, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 27

11:24 PM: According to Channel 10, the MRPV that was downed by IDF forces was found to have been carrying at least 45 kilograms of explosives. This report is being contradicted by IAF sources. When more conclusive information is available, we will report it.

*Already caving into pressure. Hey, that's what the French are good at* France is calling to postpone tomorrow's Security Council meeting to vote on their Franc-America joint Resolution on a comprehensive cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hezbollah. The Lebanese government has demanded that the cease-fire agreement be amended to fulfill their needs, and it seems that France is "agreeing" and would like to pospone the session until the agreement is amended.

In his meeting with dozens of Reservists officers in the Northern Command today, Israeli PM Olmert stated that because of the dire situation that has been created by over 3,000 Katyusha rockets being fired into northern Israel, the IDF and IAF has permission to use as much force as required to deal with the situation, and that the military has the full support of the government.

9:57 PM: According to the Lebanese government, Hezbollah has agreed to the government's proposal of sending 10,000 Lebanese troops into southern Lebanese to replace the IDF. (*Yeah, I wonder why... It's known that many in the Lebanese Army sympathize or openly support Hezbollah or are shi'ite Muslims and wouldn't oppose fellow shi'ites. Furthermore, Hezbollah probably thinks that they can control the Army and maybe take over command of those forces, or, at the very least, the Army won't interfere in Hezbollah's weapons aquisitions. In either case, the Lebanese Army would be a welcome relief to Hezbollah.*) (*Israel won't agree to be "replaced" by the Lebanese Army without an international force in southern Lebanon to lead them. As oft repeated, the Lebanese Army is no match for Hezbollah, so it wouldn't do Israel any good to agree to this off the bat.*)

9:34 PM: The President of Lebanon, who has pledged his support to Hezbollah, is claiming that Israel's "massacres" are deliberate, saying, "The acts of massacre being committed by Israel are part of the tradition of Israel against civilians and innocents."

Arutz 7 is reporting that many Yeshiva students, on the request on their Rabbis, are forgoing their vacation time in order to stay in Yeshiva and pray and learn during Israel's crisis.

The IDF has imposed a 10:00 PM curfew on all remaining residents in southern Lebanon. Despite repeated warnings and calls to evacuate their homes to go to the north, there many residents that have remained in their villages. The IDF are warning these residents that if they leave their house after curfew, they will be at risk.

9:15 PM: Just released for publication: 2 more soldiers have been killed in today's fighting in Bin-J'beil.

A 26 year-old student has refused his emergency reserve call-up. He has been placed in jail for 14 days. He has told military police that he is refusing for the "sake of the security of the citizens of the country".

9:10 PM: The Lebanese government says that it is ready to place the Lebanese Army on the southern border with Israel. (*I don't know what this really means. The Lebanese government has been saying for the past month that it hasn't enforced UN Resolution 1559 in the past 6, because its Army was too weak or not strong enough to face or disarm Hezbollah. What makes them or any-one else think that they'll be successful now???*)

8:29 PM: At least 160 Katyushas have fallen in northern Israel today.

*Just watched Channel 2 interview a bunch of Lebanese residents from southern Beirut. They admitted that despite IAF warnings and leaflets to evacuate the area, they're "not afraid. We won't run. If we die, we die". It's fun that "massacres" are thrown around like candy, but no-one discusses the fact that these people are willingly putting themselves in the line of fire despite warnings of attacks. How can civilian casualties be avoided when people refuse to head warnings?*

Israeli FM Livni met with representative from 12 of the 15 member states of the UN Security Council. She met with them to discuss the terms of the first draft of the French-American Resolution for a cease-fire. She said, "Israel expects the members of the Security Council to fulfill their end of the decisions that have already been made... This is a test. Every serious Islamic organization is testing the reaction of the international community. If the decision of [Resolution] 1559 would have been worried about and fullfilled in the past, none of this would have happened, and every single person that died would still be with us today."

8:06 PM: The MRPV that was downed by IDF forces into the water just a short while ago was suspected to have been laden with heavy explosives. The vehicle is expected to be recovered and investigated.

Channel 2's reporter in Haifa is reporting that there is heavy IAF movement in the north.

3 large explosions were heard to have come from Beirut.

7:38 PM: Just a short while ago, IDF forces downed a Hezbollah MRPV (Mini remotely-piloted vehicle) that was spotted heading into Israeli territory.

Israeli DM Peretz said earlier today that he will order the IDF to intensify its operations if Dimplomatic avenues fail to stop Katyusha attacks on Israel.

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