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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Olmert Postpones the Inevitable

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that PM Olmert has postponed his decision on what kind of inquiry commission will head the investigation into the war in Lebanon. He was supposed to announce his decision today, in his weekly cabinet session. After reading the article, it is abundantly clear that Olmert is attempting to postpone the inevitable and attempt to "buff up" his image before his actions are scrutinized.

For example, one of the stated military objectives of the war, put forth by Olmert, was that the Lebanese Army take up positions throughout southern Lebanon. However, when he spoke of this issue today, it seemed as if he was discussing a miracle akin to the Red Sea being split.
"If a month and a half ago someone would have suggested such an objective, the public would have reacted by saying one should not propose unachievable goals (such as this)," Olmert said.

If that's what he is going to lean on to carry him through the ringer, he is more far gone than I even thought. He is clearly grasping at straws. Over 100 soldiers died, dozens upon dozens more wounded. Over 100 Israeli citizens died. Thousands were wounded. The lives of over 2 million people were paralyzed, disrupted, and destroyed. Billions of shekels in revenue was lost.
For what? Nasrallah has apparently confirmed an Egyptian paper's report that a deal is in the works to free the 2 kidnapped soldiers in exchange for prisoners; one of which is cold-blooded killer in jail serving an over 100 year sentence. READ THE REST...

And, here, you have Olmert today speaking of the Lebanese Army's presence in the same tone one would speak if they had just seen Jesus walking on water. In an effort to dispell the critisicm and screams for Olmert and his government to step down, this statement actually makes Olmert seem weaker and more desperate. Is that the mark of a true leader? No. This is the actions of a Bill Clinton. One who will lie, play the subterfuge game, and try to smile away his troubles. But, Olmert is no Bill Clinton. He doesn't have the charisma of that former President. With this delay, Olmert is merely digging himself into a deeper hole. If, in the 2-3 weeks as the Egyptian paper claimed, Israel wittnesses another prisoner swap for the 2 soldiers, this country will see a moral outcry against the government louder than has ever been heard before. If Olmert thinks that with this delay in deciding on the commission, he will be able to wait out until the public protest outcries against him die down, he's been smoking something other than cigars. On top of that, if the reports are true, and a deal for a prisoner swap is in the works, Olmert has just pulled his own "plug".

Rest assured, Olmert and his government will go down as the worst government in the history of the State of Israel. His days are numbered. Either, he can muster up one once of man-hood and quietly step down, or he can wait for the blood-bath in which the people of Israel will scream such a mighty scream for Olmert's resignation that Israel's democracy will have no choice but to answer that call. Olmert, the entire State of Israel is sending you this message, as a unified body: "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Either, you go home quietly, or we will pack up your bags and send you home. It's your choice."

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