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Monday, August 21, 2006

One Step Closer to Disintegration

It seems the entire European world is following the "yellow-bellied" lead of the French and are withdrawing any offer of troops for the "robust" UNIFIL force in southern Lebanon. It's typical. France screamed louder than every-one in the UN to broker a cease-fire. They promised that they would lead the expanded force there. Now, they are stating that they will only send a measely 200 troops, and the majority of them will be engineers sent to help southern Lebanon rebuild its Hezbollah controlled villages. Italy promised to send troops, and now they are withdrawing their offer since the mandate for the UNIFIL troops to use force is "unclear". As is the trend with the European world, they are all talk and no action. They don't seem to have any resolve or will to fight the evils in the world, and they have chosen to stick their heads in the sand and hope that, either, the problem will go away on its own or some-one else will clean up the mess for them. READ THE REST...
Now, the majority of the "robust" force making up UNIFIL consists of Muslim countries. Most of which are either anti-Israel or don't even recognize her right to exist, e.g. Malaysia. These are forces that will be more than happy to stand by and allow Hezbollah to rearm at will, or they will allow Hezbollah to use them as shields. Like, I've said many times before, just more bodies to protect Hezbollah when the next stage of fighting begins. Of course, any-body with half a brain knows that this "cease-fire" was over before it started. If it lasts another 2 weeks, I'll be very surprised.

Besides Israel, the biggest loser in this campaign is NOT the UN. The UN is pointless, useless, and unnecessary. This is just another sign that the UN can't handle anything serious, and that the world waiting for the UN to "handle" Iran is simply unacceptable and a gigantic joke. It also shows that the West is too easily willing to put the lives of civilization in the hands of a group that is all to willing to stand around and watch us be destroyed. The UN protects the terrorists and condemns freedom. That's mostly because there are more countries in the UN that are controlled by tyrants and despots than there are democracies. Israel has been condemned for their Friday night commmando raid in which they prevented arms from being smuggled from Syria into Lebanon. Israel was condemned for violating the "cease-fire", but Lebanon and Hezbollah was not condemned for violating the clear cut wording of 1701, which states that no weapons may come into Lebanon unless authorized by the government. Is the UN implying that the Lebanese government authorized these weapons?

No, the biggest loser in this whole debacle is the United States. They signed on to an agreement that was destined to fail from the get-go simply to show that the world's super-power is ready and willing to conduct diplomacy as well as rule with an iron fist. Of course, they sacrficed the well-being of another country to show it, so they didn't really have to worry about risking their own safety. It's abundantly clear that had the US been in the same situation as Israel, there would have been no "cease-fire". There's no cease-fire in Iraq. That should tell you enough. However, America, and especially the Republican Party, has put itself at great risk. They looked very weak here, and the world, especially the Islamo-fascists Bush talked about, was watching. It is also abundantly clear with this "cease-fire" that despite what has happened in Iraq and Afghanistand, the US also is not showing the resolve necessary to fight and WIN the war on terror. They did not allow Israel to fight and win against Hezbollah. If they won't let Israel beat Hezbollah, how can the United Stated expect to beat Al-Queda? Civilization, as we know it, is in serious trouble.

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