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Monday, August 21, 2006


What better memory is there than your mother dressing you up in your favorite suicide bomber's "costume" for Halloween or dress-up for school day or just any other day???

-Maariv On-line continues its series in which they voice the complaints and experiences of the Reservists that served in Lebanon this past month. Again, it's in hebrew, and I will translate the first paragraph.
"We feel like they spit in our face."
Reservist soldiers signed a letter that was sent to the Security Minister and to the Chief of Staff, and in it, they describe the scathing trust crisis with the leadership and chain of command. "We believe that they you prevented us from winning", they claim. The Chief of Staff indeed did note in yesterday's Government session, in reference to the Lebanon War, that "maybe this wasn't a victory by 'knock-out', but it definitely was a victory in points", but the fighters that returned from the battle-field continue to paint a difficult picture, are much less susceptible. In the letter that the fighters and commanders in the Reserve Brigade, "Chud Ha'Chanit", sent to Peretz and Halutz, they describe the scathing trust crisis between the leadship and chain of command, and note the lack of decisiveness that characterized the battle management that caused them to feel that they they were "spit in the face", and expressed a disrespect in their readiness to be called up and to fight. "We paid a heavy price in order to fight and to win, and the feeling is that you prevented this from us."

-Italian representatives for the "peace activist" that was stabbed to death by a Palestinian that was aiming to kill a Jew are attempting to "blur" the picture in order to prevent a tainting of the "peace" mission, on behalf of the Palestinians.
[...]"Frammartino was the director of the Monterotondo youth deparment of the Italian Refondazione Comunista Party (PRC) and a very active pacifist in the campaign for sustainable development in third-world countries." Apparently, sustainable development and pacifism must be supported by the work of Iraqi suicide bombers.

Frammartino was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in Jerusalem, near the Prahim Gate, on August 10. Israel police later apprehended his murderer, who confessed. The murderer was a member of the Islamic Jihad movement.

This murder should have been a dearly bought lesson in the meaning of "resistance" for the "humanitarians" who support terror in Iraq and Israel, but it will not be so. No sooner was Frammartino dead, then a mendacious campaign was begun to change the facts of the story, to obscure the identity of the murderer and of his victim.

The AGI, press agency of the Italian Prime Minister's office, issued a press release that stated:

The 25-year-old law student was stabbed to death by persons unknown last Thursday while working as a volunteer in Jerusalem.

-After Iranian President Ahmadinejad's interview with CBS' Mike Wallace, it is extremely apparent that Iran is simply another Arab/Muslim country that has learned to play the Western media game.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

An old line that used to make the rounds at CBS News held that the last thing the CEO of a major corporation wanted to hear was "Mike Wallace on line one."

Anyone who has ever seen my former colleague in action gets the joke immediately. But I'm guessing that Ayatollah Khomeini didn't watch "60 Minutes" very often back when he was leading the Iranian Revolution and holding Americans hostage. I'm also guessing he didn't know Mike Wallace from Kate Smith.

Big mistake. The ayatollah was no match for Mike when they sat down in 1979. It was like Muhammad Ali going up against some old, washed up guy in the gym. Mike understood television.[...]

On at least two occasions Mike asked President Ahmadinejad why he has said that "Israel must be wiped off the map." Please explain, Mike said. But Mr. Ahmadinejad never really did, except to finally say, as he has before, that Israel should be somewhere else, like Germany. Is this what he means by "wiped off the map"--or is he just being prudent on television?

Who knows? Mike tried to ask him about Hezbollah missiles and rockets, which are furnished by Iran and are being lobbed into Israeli cities. But President Ahmadinejad didn't feel like answering that one, either. So he deftly changed the subject.

Still, over the course of the interview, Mike got in more than a few good ones. But somehow it didn't matter.

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