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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Released For Publication

24 soldiers were killed in yesterday's fighting. Names so far released:
1. Corporal Ya’ar Ben-Giat, 19, from Nachsholim
2. Frist-Sergeant Tzachi Kripas, 20, from Kibutz Hama’apil
3. Sergeant Yosef Abitbul, 19, from Gan Ner
4. Sergeant Yaniv Temerson, 21, from Tzipori
5. Sergeant Yehonatan Ankonina, 21, from Netanya
6. First-Sergeant Itai Steinberger, 21, from Karmei Yosef
7. Corporal Tomer Aemar, 19, from Julis
8. Sergeant-Major Aaron Yehezkiel, 32, from Kfar Yedidya (killed in the village of Rashef on Friday)
9. Captain Shai Bernstein, 24, from Be’er Sheva.

5 people from the downed helicopter last night have been reported missing. Not really sure what it means, but the IDF expects that they are all dead.

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