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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Reservists Reporting Trouble, ETC.

As a followup to a previous article in regards to the government's failings during this vital campaign against Hezbollah terrorists, the newspaper, Haaretz has printed a troubling article about Reservists returning from the front having not been given clear military objectives and fighting with poor, outdated, or inadequate equipment. The Army is raging at the fact that Peretz and the government have decided to freeze the planned increased offensive for 2-3 days in order to give diplomacy more time. The Army, rightly so, is not keeping quiet about the inadequicies that they are wittnessing within the government. Being that they are putting their life on the line, based on the orders of an inept government, they cannot keep their mouths shut any longer.
IDF reservists: Our missions are unclear, our combat equipment is antiquated
By Amiram Barkat and Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondents

Reserve soldiers are returning from fighting in south Lebanon with harsh criticisms of their operational preparedness and the combat equipment with which they had been supplied.
A., a young reservist who spent his mandatory service in the Golani Brigade during the second intifada, said, "For two days, we barely made any progress. The soldiers simply don't really know what the mission is. You are mostly kept busy with protecting yourself."
Nearly every reserve unit has complained about a lack of emergency equipment over the past several days.
"Many soldiers don't have short-barreled M-16 rifles, communications equipment or even tourniquets," "A" said.

Hanan (fictitious name), who serves in an elite reserve unit, said soldiers returning from combat in Lebanon were forced to hand their weapons over to soldiers heading north across the border.

Gili is also a soldier in an elite reserve infantry unit that is supposed to be supplied with the most sophisticated equipment. One week ago, when his unit was deployed to Lebanon, it became clear that most of their wartime equipment was missing from their emergency warehouses.
Less deployment, more training
Former chief reserve officer Brigadier General Ariel Heimann said he was troubled by the combat fitness level of reserve soldiers.

It is no secret that the IDF's reserve units were the main victims of budget cuts over the past several years.

"The easiest thing is to cut training hours," Heimann said. "What is clear is that the reserve units have not been trained enough. The extent to which this lack of training is critical can only be measured during combat."

Also, for a great roundup of the "Fauxtography" going on in the international MSM, see Aish.com's excellent flash presentation.

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At 9:53 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

I'm sorry, but what kind of BS is it about "giving diplomacy a chance"? More specifically, what exactly does it mean? Who is going to negotiate with whom and about what???? I mean, if they are slowing down the operations, while the rockets keep falling, shouldn't they have a very good, crystal clear explanation for why they are doing that??

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, they do... "Give peace a chance". irina, you and i both know what kind of politicians olmert, or smolmert, and peretz are. They may have acted tough for about a day, but their far-left craziness came back quickly. They're horrible politicians, and even worse with the security situation. They will not be in office now. You don't even want to know the extent of how pist off the Army is at them right now. The blood of dead soldiers is on their hands. They're playing with peoples' lives, and more of our soldiers and citizens have died because of their games.


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