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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rising from the Dead and Other Goodness

Blogger, dfrankfurter has found another example of the media taking part in and promelgating Hezbollah PR propoganda. This time, at the Washington Post. If you click on the link, you can see the actual picture that the WaPo used in which the "body" on the far end of the picture is, get this, SITTING UP underneath the sheet.
"The front Page of the Washington Post of 31 July 2006, had a dramatic photo by Lefteris Pitarakis of AP, captioned "A resident of Qana, in southern Lebanon, weeps as he shows the bodies of some of the 57 victims of an Israeli airstrike on a building being used as a shelter."
click and drag your mouse to cruise around reasonably high resolution image of the page. Move up to the the last "body" in the row. Someone forgot to tell him that the photo-op wasn't quite over, and that he really should play dead for just a few more minutes.

And us accounting types might be picky and ask why the Washington Post prints the Hezbollah propaganda that 57 were killed, rather than the Red Cross count of 28.

Malaysian FM rejects Israeli official's call for dialogue

By News Agencies

Malaysia's foreign minister has rejected an Israeli official's call for dialogue between the two countries, a news report said Saturday.

Israel's ambassador to Singapore, Ilan Ben-Dov, on Friday sought a dialogue with Malaysia and Indonesia to address what he referred to as a "culture of hatred" against the Jewish state in the two mostly Muslim Southeast Asian countries.
Malaysia's stand has nothing to do with any hatred toward Israel, Syed Hamid was quoted as saying.

"Our refusal to have a dialogue (with Israel) is not connected with the issue of race or religion as we come from a peaceful and stable region and we don't know hatred," he was quoted as saying.

Syed Hamid said he doesn't understand why Israel wished to talk with Malaysia. "They get total protection from the world's biggest power (the United States), they don't need countries like us," he was quoted as saying.

When anti-Semitism is a big story — and when it isn't
By Jeff Jacoby

Two anti-Semitic incidents occurred on July 28. Both took place on the West Coast; both involved an American venting his hostility to Jews. But only one of them became in the days that followed a big national story about anti-Semitism. The other was treated as a serious but local matter, and drew only modest coverage around the country.

Incident A involved nothing more dangerous than a guy spewing crude anti-Semitic slurs when he was arrested for drunk driving; once sober, he publicly and profusely apologized. Incident B involved a Muslim gunman's premeditated assault on a prominent Jewish institution; his attack left one woman dead and sent five to the hospital, three of them in critical condition.

Which would you say was the bigger story?

Unless you've spent the past week submersed in the Mariana Trench, you know that the intoxicated driver in Incident A was Hollywood's Mel Gibson, who railed at the Los Angeles County police officer who pulled him over about the "(bleeping) Jews" and how "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Details of Gibson's tirade leaked quickly and the story was soon everywhere. In the first six days after his arrest, the media database Nexis logged 888 stories mentioning "Mel Gibson" and "Jews." And that didn't include the countless websites, talk shows, and smaller publications where the story also played.

By any rational calculus, Incident B was far more significant.

Army preventing humanitarian disaster

One IDF unit in Tel Aviv has a mission very different from that of the forces pounding Hizbullah in the North - getting humanitarian assistance to Lebanon.

Following the escalation in violence last month, officers from the IDF's Foreign Relations Unit decided to set up an operations room in a base in northern Tel Aviv to coordinate international efforts to provide aid to Lebanon despite the army's naval-air-land siege of the country.
"We wanted the foreigners to leave so they wouldn't get hurt," Haccoun said, adding that he had received carte blanche from the government to allow foreigners to leave Lebanon. "Foreign casualties could have an adverse affect on the continuation of the IDF operations in Lebanon," he said. "We hope that what we are doing here gives Israel the ability to continue its operation and relieves some of the international pressure."

The coordination office has handled thousands of requests from countries and relief agencies. Some 57 planes have been allowed to land at Beirut International Airport to unload humanitarian goods intended for residents of southern Lebanon, he said.
One example of coordination, Haccoun said, took place last week when a UN convoy was permitted to travel to Tabnin in south Lebanon. "The UN trucks were there and then we got a call from the Northern Command warning us that they were about to begin shelling the village," he said Monday. "We immediately called up the UN officials on the ground and warned them, and they left immediately."


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