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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shabbat News Updates: Day 24 and Day 25

Saturday: Just released for publication: 12 soldiers have been injured during intense fighting in Kfar Ita A-Shaab. No further information has been released at this time.

The Palestinians are claiming that Israeli Forces have arrested the head of the PA Parliament.

A representative of Hezbollah in Iran is warning that Hezbollah has the capability to fight for another 2 years. (*Word to not so wise, SO CAN WE! WE'VE BEEN FIGHTING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEAR. WE CAN FIGHT FOR ANOTHER THOUSAND IF WE HAVE TO.*) He's claiming that up until this point, Hezbollah has only used a small fraction of its forces and military capabilities. He made these statements in a speech he gave, in which he also stated that Hezbollah is the winner up until now, and that the final victory is close.

The Foreign Minister of Syria has made an official claim to UN Secretary General Anan and the head of the Security Council, claiming that Israel killed more than 30 civilians in their attacks in Lebanon's Baalbek. In the letter, the Minister also said that "Israel continues her acts of slaughter". (*Yes, the Syrians are so reliable. That would be a hoot. Anan lauding the Syrians for making them aware and painting Israel the bad guys. The UN congratulating terrorists...? Sounds about right.*)

Hezbollah has rejected the initial terms of the UN Security Resolution formed by the Americans and French (*Ummmm....DUH!!*)

The Lebanese Cabinet said it's too early to discuss the UN Security Reslution draft released today.

The heightened security level in the Sharon, on fear of terrorist infiltration, has been removed.

Cpl Gilad Shalit's captors have officially denied permission to the International Red Cross to visit him and examine his condition.

On the Gaza front, over the course of the week-end, IDF forces have injured at least 10 armed terrorist carrying rifles and/or anti-tank missiles. In another mission, IDF forces found and destroyed weapons ware-houses and Kassam launchers. During the operations, terrorists shot 2 anti-tank missiles at IDF forces. There were no IDF injuries and no injury was caused to the tanks.

On eastern front of southern Lebanon, IDF forces have uncovered hundreds of mortar shells.

Also in fighting, on the western front in southern Lebanon, the IDF indentified and baegan firing on armed terrorists. They saw that several of them were wounded. No reports of injuries.

On the eastern front, Armored forces indentified and shot at Hezbollah fighters equipped with anti-tank missiles. The armed men returned fired. No reports of injuries.

Several people were injured in Jordan, after part of a building exploded as a result of a gas leak.

High Security alert of possible terrorist infiltration and warning of possible suicide attack in Sharon region.

Over 170 rockets have fallen throughout the day.

3 people; a mother and her 2 daughters, were killed as a result of the Katyusha attacks. They were killed in the Bedoui village of Arav Al-Aramshe

At least 1 soldier was killed, and one officer and one officer seriously injured from today's fighting.

Commandos operating in Tzur killed at least 10 terrorists during fighting there.

The French and American delegates have put together a UN Security Resolution for a cease-fire. The first draft includes:
Creating a no-weapon zone from the Litani River until the southern border.
No weapons coming into Lebanon from Syria and Iran or anywhere else that is not authorized by the Lebanese Government.
No reported news yet on what this first draft says about the 2 kidnapped soldiers.

Those are the 2 biggest factors that would create a situation where Israel's military objectives would be considered achieved.

Friday Night: The biggest news from last night has to be that, for the first time since fighting began, a rocket hit the Hadera area. No reports of injuries.

Over 220 rockets fell in Israel yesterday.

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