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Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank YOU, G-D!!

It's always good to thank our Lord Above for the little things as well as the big. Today, I say Thanks to the Lord for making the Lebanese government dumber than our government. The UN Security Council Resolution for a cease-fire that has been revised by the French and was discussed yesterday was rejected yet again by the Lebanese. This should finally prove to the Israelis, Americans, and the world that Seniora is intent on returning to the status quo ante regardless of the fact that that will simply result in another war "devastating" his country in less than another 6 years. Why less time between conflicts than before? First of all, Hezbollah is stronger now than they were when Israel left in 2000. Second of all, Hezbollah is in a much better place, in terms of iconic status, to declare an astounding victory against the "Evil" Israel. The Arab world will see clearly that a) the international force can very easily push Israel into making decisions against its own good, which will set up an even more retaliatory push against democracy and the free countries of the world. b) They will see that with a few rockets and some Ak-47s, they can make a superior force cower and run. This will encourage terrorism against Israel, against the Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and around the world. Meaning, expect to see an increase in terrorism and terrorist threats in every country from this "peace" deal. This world-wide terrorism increase will be led by Nasrallah, and, by proxy, Syria and Iran.

In essence, this will make the terrorists stronger and make the entire world less secure. Hezbollah has operatives all over the world, and is more advanced than Al-Queda. Expect to see, with this victory, more terrorist acts being plotted and/or carried out by Hezbollah operatives. Anything other than "peace" is what would be created if this "cease-fire" were to be expected by Lebanon and then Israel. When analysts said that Israel is fighting the free world's war for them, they weren't kidding. Israel would be worse off now than they were 6 years ago, and, hence, the world would be less secure.

As I saw the frame-work of the revised cease-fire last night and then heard rumours that Olmert was on the verge of accepting it, I became enraged. I was so pist off, I couldn't sit still. I kept pacing and cursing. Then, I would curse again and pace some more. The frame-work for this second draft sounded more like the French were representing Hezbollah in the Security Council and not both Lebanon and Israel's best interests. I kept asking myself, how can Israel accept this call on them to committ suicide? What have the hundreds of soldiers and civilians died for?!? To make the country worse off than it was before?!? Businesses have been lost, billions of shekels gone. It will take years for the Galilee to regroup and rebuild from this. You can be rest assured that if Israel were to accept this cease-fire, the growth of the north would stall and recess because people would realize that moving there would make them less safe than than the northern residents had been before this war started, maybe even less safe than DURING the actual war. I actually had nightmares about this last night.


For more insight, read Israeli Objections to Ceasefire Proposal and Ceasefire Plan Does Not Eliminate Hizbullah Threat.

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