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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UN Puts the "UN" in UNnecessary

UN Secretary General Kofi Anan upset and worried many Israeli officials when he said that it is not in the direct mandate for the UN force being deployed to south Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah. Channel 2 news aired tonight an exclusive interview that they conducted with Anan. This worries Israeli officials, especially since this statement comes after the Lebanese government said that THEY were NOT responsible for disarming Hezbollah. More than that, the compromise made between the Lebanese Army/Government and Hezbollah shows that 1701's "spirit" is already being violated. The compromise says that Hezbollah will be allowed to keep their weapons as long as they conceal them when the Lebanese Army is around down south. It's actually not a violation of the Resolution since no other group, besides the Army, is allowed to have weapons unless authorized by the Government. Obviously, with this compromise, authorization has been given for the Hezbollah to remain armed. In any case, the Lebanese government lied tonight when Seniora stated that the Lebanese Army will be the only one bearing arms in the South. His own cabinet contradicted those words by leaking the compromise yesterday.

(I would like to go into that statement for just a moment. The statments coming from Lebanese officials since the "cease-fire" was signed show the exact opposite of what the MSM has been spouting since July 12th. On July 12th, the main question that was asked was why was Hezbollah allowed to build up their weapons with complete abandon? The finger was NOT pointed at the Lebanese government, even-though, under Resolution 1559, they were responsible for disarming and disbanding the terrorist organization. Why was the finger not pointed at them? Well, because every-one said that they wanted to disarm the group, but they were too weak, too much of a fledging democracy to risj trying to disarm such a strong group. Is that answer correct? Can we really not blame the Lebanese government for not disarming Hezbollah before now. Well, it looks good. They couldn't have disarmed Hezbollah 6 years ago since Lebanon was still controlled by Syria at the time. The only theoretically logical time would have been a year and a half ago when the Syrian Army left, and the Cedar Revolution began. Apparently, though, the movement did not have enough momentum to push the government to go after the last remnants of Syria that remained; Hezbollah.

However, the past few days' statements tell me other-wise. I think the Lebanese government wants Hezbollah to stay. Either that, or they are completely complacent with having some-one do their dirty work for them, and then they get to blame that some-one for destroying their country, because they didn't do the work. I believe it is the latter. Look at it now. Technically, the Lebanese government is responsible for what happened the past month and change. Yet, it is Israel that has been condemned, and Lebanon has been given a free pass. Lebanon has received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and charity. Iran is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Hezbollah in order to rebuild Hezbollah's state within a state in southern Lebanon. The government in Beirut couldn't care less as long as they get to keep their coffers filled and are not bombed. READ THE REST... It's more convenient for them to have some-one else, especially Israel, clean their mess. The past few days show that it is NOT weakness that is stopping Lebanon from disarming Hezbollah. If Seniora really wanted some extra might to disarm Nasrallah and his ilk, he could ask the world for more troops and better weapons to do the job. This would be granted. But, no, he says it's NOT even Lebanon's responsibility to disarm Hezbollah. Well, of course it is. Even-though 1701 says nothing of disarmament, technically it doesn't have to. At the beginning of the Resolution, it states that all previous Resolution pertaining to Lebanon must be fulfilled. This includes 1559, which strictly states it is LEBANON'S responsibility to disarm and disband Hezbollah. Lebanon is playing a very dangerous game. Either, way they're going to get burned. Either, Hezbollah will rearm to its heart's content again, and Israel will come in and deal with them once and for all. Or, Hezbollah will embolden, as it already is, further and take over the Lebanese government.)[Read how a Lebanese dissident agrees with everything I'm saying.]

On Channel 2, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman said he was worried because Anan's words prove that the status quo ante is exactly what we have with 1701, except for the fact that, as I said before, there are simply more bodies around to defend Hezbollah. Mr. Gillerman rightly put it when he said that if the UN does not carry out any mandate of force, then he really doesn't understand what they're supposed to be doing in the field, or of what use they'll be. In an ealier interview on Fox, Gillerman also stated that with all the controversy coming out of Lebanon's government, he only has one thing to say. "This is their last chance." Amen, brother. Amen. See you at the next battle.

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