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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Updates for Sunday August 6th

6:56 PM: Sirens also going off in Binyamin and Hadera. No further reports.

6:54 PM: Sirens going off in Haifa and Emek Yizrael. No reports of falls yet.

The IAF has attacked 5 buildings in southern Beirut that belong to Hezbollah leaders.

6:03 PM: Up until this point, today, about 160 Katyusha rockets have been fired into the north.

Israeli PM Olmert is claiming that Iran is shipping weapons to Hezbollah under the disguise of humanitarian aid.

Several IDF soldiers have been injured after a bomb exploded in the village they were operating in, in southern Lebanon. No further information at this time.

5:29 PM: The death toll from the Katyusha attack on Kfar Gilad has risen to 11. 1 of the criticially injured from the attack died from their wounds, in the hospital. He died shortly after surgery was completed to try and remove and repair all of his upper body and head shrapnel wounds.

Kayushas have just fallen in Shlomi. 3 people were lightly injured.

The IAF has resumed its attacks on targets in southern Beirut.

4:41 PM: Adding to his earlier comments, the Syrian FM said that he is willing to join his services with Hezbollah in order to fight Israel. He also welcomed, with blessings, the possibility that Syria would get involved in a war with Israel.

4:37 PM: Adding to his earlier comments, The British Chief Of Staff said that Israel has the right and justification to defend itself against Hezbollah - even at the cost of civilians killed.

A news barrage of Katyushas have fell in the western Galilee. No injuries were reported, but there was damage to at least one building.

The Syrian FM once again announced that Syria is prepared for any area war and will respond to any attacks on her.

3:29 PM: It is being reporting that 6 Lebanese Soldiers have been killed as a result of IAF attacks in southern Lebanon.

A spokes-person for the Lebanese Parliament announced today that the first draft of the joint Franch-American UN Security Resoltution for a cease-fire was unacceptable to them.

The British Chieff of Staff came out today and stated that the loss of innocent life was distressing, but Israel has full justification to be operating in Lebanon. "It would be monstrous and horrible for any nation not to take steps of action if they were attacked the way Israel has been attacked".

In the latest rocket barrage, Katyushas fell in the Haifa are, the Krayot, Tzfat, and Kiryat Shmona. All injured have been evacuated to hospitals. No further information on how many have been injured or the extent of their injuries.

3:02 PM: More sirens going off in Haifa. The lates siren resulted in falls in the Krayot. No injuries reported.

Correction: I messed up the translation a little bit. According to the Head of Operations, IDF forces have captured one of the kidnappers of the kidnapped soldiers. He is NOT claiming that we have recovered one of the kidnapped, but we have one of the kidnappers.

2:36 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that the Head of Operations is stating that one of the kidnapped soldiers is now in the hands of Israel. You'll know more when we know more.

Sirens going off in Haifa. Hearing at least 3-4 Katyushas falling.

2:24 PM: About 100 rockets have fallen all over the north since the start of the after-noon.

3 UN members have been injured by Hezbollah rockets fired in southern Lebanon.

2:10 PM: 13 people have been evacuated from Giladi to Rambam Hospital in Haifa; 2 of the wounded are in grave condition and 3 are in serious condition.

An Army source has confirmed reports that Hezbollah's new tactic for firing Katyushas is to shoot at a place, wait 10 minutes, then shoot at the same place again since they know that medics and rescue personnel will be on the scene then. (*More ability to kill more people*)

IDF forces operating in southern Lebanon have killed at least 10 terrorist and destroyed Hezbollah buildings.

1 soldier has been injured as a result of an anti-tank missile in southern Lebanon.

1:19 PM: The numer of dead are now 11 killed in Kfar Giladi; most if not all of the dead are soldiers. 4 others from this attacks have been seriously injured. (*I'm crying as I am watching the reactions of the soldiers at the scene. They are absolutely devestated.*)

A "suspicious object" was found on a foreign reporter in the Prime Minister's office. The office was not cleared, but the reporter was removed.

12:40: After a relatively quiet morning in the north, a barrage of Katyushas hit the entire northern Galilee area. First reports coming out are talking about 9 killed and at least 4 more wounded. The Katyushas hit the area of Kiryat Shmona, Acco, Carmiel, Maalot and also hit the northern Golan, including the Druze town of Magd-el Shams.

Fighting is still going on in Southern Lebanon. At least 2 soldiers have been injured this morning in the fighting. The IDF is reporting that they have killed at least 15 more Hezbollah terrorists.

The Government has approved a 100 Million Shekel aid to the north in order to help cover the costs of the destruction from the Katyushas, and also from the loss of work from the fighting that is taking place for almost a month now. This comes after a group of workers from the north organized a protest drive from the Galilee to Jerusalem, and held a demonstration in front on the Prime minister’s office.

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