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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where Israel = Racism

Where Israel still = racism

The convening Friday of a UN Human Right Council emergency session to condemn "gross human rights violations by Israel in Lebanon" caps a month-long mad rush by the world body's human rights institutions to single out Israel for special censure.

The Muslim states that initiated the meeting dominate the large African and Asian blocs, guaranteeing the adoption of an anti-Israel motion that will become only the third country resolution of the new council - all of which have targeted the Jewish state to the exclusion of the UN's other 191 member states.
If you thought the UN's 1991 repeal of the "Zionism is Racism" resolution, achieved by the determined efforts of then assistant secretary of state John Bolton, marked an end to the world body's promotion of this canard, guess again. On the same day that Iran's President Ahmadinejad renewed his call for the destruction of the Jewish state, the UN's top racism committee supplied Teheran with renewed international moral justification for that goal.

Last Thursday, the CERD suspended its normal work to address "the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon."

Not only is this topic entirely outside CERD's mandate, but it was framed in a lopsided manner, so that the humanitarian suffering of Israeli civilians would be entirely ignored.
Unfortunately this week, the anti-Israel virus that has long plagued those bodies spread to infect a supposedly professional committee. Chalk this one up as a win for Ahmadinejad - and a loss for Israel, CERD, and the UN as a whole. It is also a loss for the genuine victims of race discrimination in the world, who deserve a truly expert and objective UN racism body.

Regrettably, tomorrow's session of the Human Rights Council will simply be more of the same. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE...

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