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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"I Would Like To Thank The Academy... And the UN..."

Oh, you have got to read this!
Palestinians train to kidnap more Israelis:
Terror leader thanks world for legitimizing tactic, says abductions 'bring big results'

A terror leader whose group in June abducted Israeli Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit said Palestinian terror organizations are currently training in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to carry out operations aimed at kidnapping Israeli soldiers.

The leader thanked the international community for what he said was its recognition that kidnappings of Israeli soldiers are not considered terrorism but "military operations that bring very big results."

All we here from the West when terrorists committ, well, acts of terror and kidnappings in their countries is, "We do not negotiate with terrorists". When terrorism, or acts of war like violating the sovereignty of another country and kidnapping soldiers, is committed against Israel by Palestinians, all we here from the West is, "Well, the Palestinians are fighting for the creation of their own state, and they're occupied. Israel must do all they can to gain the release of their kidnapped soldiers, but they must also be willing to talk and negotiate with the Palestinians for their release." This is from the politicians. What you get from the "intellectuals" are cries of, "As long as Israel is occupying the Palestinians, kidnapping soldiers to gain the release of 'captured' Palestinians is completely legitimate."

Well, guess what? The West really thinks that the Arabs/Muslims are really stupid and slow, so they must be placated like some 2 year-old throwing a tempter tantrum. Look at how the media treated the kidnapping of Fox journalists, Steve Cantanni and Olaf Wiig for a perfect example of how this is true. But, the West must learn a valuable fact about the terrorists of the Muslim/Arab. They are watching you, and every move you make effects the way they act and respond. The message of appeasement and placation is being heard loud and clear by those wishing to destroy civilization. This is just one example of that cold hard fact.

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