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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If I Go, You Go

Five years later and appeasement still rings high in the Western World. As we have marked the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Shanksvill, Pennsylvania, the comments coming from Western nations show that while lessons have been learned from that day, the diplomats and leaders are still clinging to old-school diplomacy to deal with new world threats. Two cases in point.

First, in Israel. Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the Middle East this past weekend. In his visits with Israeli PM Olmert and PA President Abbas, he stated that if a "broader Palestinian government", meaning a coalition government formed by Fatah and Hamas, it "might be acceptable", and Great Britain, the EU, the US, etc would reenter negotiations with them. This statement comes even as Hamas has repeated their charter and goals that they will "never recognize Israel's existence", and they are committed to its destruction. Israel and the West's stated condition for dealing with Hamas and sending the PA funds was that they agree to the basic condition of recognizing Israel's existence and all past treaties. However, the reigning opinion is that if Fatah joins Hamas, it would moderate them, and they would accept Israel's right to exist. In light of this, actually, it has been discovered that since Abbas and his Fatah party are starving to regain their previous power, he has dropped the party's condition for joining a coalition government; that is, Fatah will not force Hamas to accept Israel's existence. So, what's going on here?

Why would PM Blair say that a Hamas-Fatah coalition government would be acceptable if the reigning party of the government still does NOT accept Israel's existance and continues to call and fight for its destruction? Tomorrow, is Mr Blair going to call President Bush and tell him that as long as a "moderate" party is in place, they would "accept" a Taliban coalition government in Afghanistan? Or, a Baath coalition government in Iraq? Are you kidding me??? The West still refuses to see Israel as being the true center and front lines of the War on Terror. Because of this, the West has lost major battles against terrorism in their forced "cease-fire" between Israel and Hezbollah; a group with sophistication, funds, and organizational efficiency that rivals Al-Qaeda. Because of this appeasement and forced surrender, Hezbollah, and by proxy; Iran and Syria, has become that much stronger no matter what the effects of Israel's military infliction. The US and France, two countries that experienced catastrophic attacks on their military in Beirut at the hands of Hezbollah, were the two countries that orchestrated Resolution 1701, which has already had devastating effects. READ THE REST...

Five years later, and it is obvious that the West has the resolve to survive attacks, but they don't seem to have the will to fight terrorism until its effects are eradicated. Terrorism will never go away. You can't destroy it, but you can greatly diminish its power and hold on the world. When the countries sworn to fighting and eradicating terrorism forces Israel to be complicit with terrorism, they are losing their fight, and just making themselves that much more endangered. I guarantee you that Hezbollah's cells within the United States will attempt to carry out a terrorist attack on Americans or American soil some-time soon. Their daring will come out of seeing America's compitulation to Hezbollah terrorists in light of their attacks on Israel. Perhaps, they feel they will be able to bring America to its knees even further.

Furthermore, because of the West's unwillingless to have "follow-through" in their fight against terror, Israel has been forced to make itself weaker and more at risk for catastrophic renewal of terrorism. Led by the spineless Olmert, he has been able to be easily led, like a puppet on strings, by US and European pressures to surrender Israeli security and safety. We are more existentially at risk now than we were five years ago. PM Olmert promised that Israel would NOT lift the Lebanese air, sea, and land blockade until the condition or signs of life were given in respect to the kidnapped soldiers. Due to UN and international pressures, the blockade was lifted last Thursday. It can very easily be said that this was most likely, if they are even still alive, a death sentence for Regev and Goldwasser. They will be free to be shipped to Iran. They will most likely become the new Ron Arad. IF they are still alive and held in Lebanon, and Olmert, as it's being reported, is working on a prisoner-swap deal, then the question to be asked is why did Israel go to war, lose hundreds of civilians and soldiers, if a deal was going to be made? Secondly, Olmert also promised, after Gilad Shalit's kidnapping, that he would not meet with Abbas or even discuss the possibility of renewing peace talks until 3 conditions were met; one of which was that signs of life were given on Shalit. None of these conditions have been met, but Olmert announced, as PM Blair came to visit, that he wants to meet with Abbas and will meet with him soon.

The second case in point is Iran, and by proxy; Syria. In short, at the beginning of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, it was insanely obvious that the US wanted Israel to attack Syria as well as, or instead of, Hezbollah. Like Iran, Syria is a country that must be confronted. Israeli intelligence has repeatedly reported that they know that Hussein shipped his WMDs to Assad in Syria. The US is bogged down in Iraq, and at the same time that they are pressuring Israel for "restraint", they are asking Israel to do their dirty work for them by attacking Assad. In an attempt to send Iran a strong message, the US wanted and still wants Israel to take out Assad regardless of the consequences and dangers to Israel.

With Iran, the West is having a deja-vu wish. Like in 1983, and Israel's removal of the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor, the West is condemning the thought while crossing their fingers that Israel will come to the rescue and bomb Iran's reactors. Of course, Iran learned from Iraq's mistakes, and an attack by Israel alone will NOT do the job this time. As Iran is attempting to stall the world yet again with a "proposal" of iranium suspension for 2 months, the World and the West is accepting Iran's obvious lies and subterfuges. It is the 1930s all over again.

Just like in the 1930s through 1945, when the "United Nations" were willing to let the Jews be led to their slaughter, the West is once again willing to sacrifice the Jews in order to appease those enemies that wish to destroy civilization as we know it. Instead of European Jewry on the chopping block, Israel's neck is on the line. Once again, the West is playing the appeasement with the Arab/Muslim world to achieve their own ends. Israel, and the Jews, are, as we always have been, chess fodder to be negotiated and bartered with for the World's own agenda and objectives. Once again, no-one really cares whether Israel or the Jews survive as long as the means to their ends are achieved.

Mark my word, we're not going away without a fight. If we go down, rest assured, you'll go down also. As Darfur and all of North-East Africa is being conquered by Islamist terrorists, no-one is saying a word. Israel defends itself, and the world lets out a mighty outcry of "restraint" and "disproportionate response". Once again, the West has lost perspective. They have lost their priorities. Once again, as it was 60+ years ago, the West has lost its humanity. Only this time, our 21st century Hitler will do much more damage than his predecessor. If we go, you go. You really think the world would be any safer if there was "peace" between the Israelis and Palestinians? If you do, you need to open up a history book. You think terrorism would dissapear if Israel didn't exist? If you do, then your head's stuck so far in the sand, you're in China by now.

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