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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PM Olmert Once Again Defies Logic & Morality

I don't have to add anything more than what has already been written. You know my opinion on the matter. There's nothing more to add except for the fact that once again, Olmert has shown he has no sense of moral clarity, and he is the consumate politician; a liar that will do anything he considers necessary to save his political behind. Read the following two articles, and decide for yourself.
Lebanon's Only Airport Reopens as Air Blockade Is Officially Lifted

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Israel said it lifted its nearly two-month-long air blockade of Lebanon on Thursday but kept its naval blockade in place until international forces can take over.

"The aerial blockade has been removed. In coordination with the United Nations, the naval blockade will continue until the international naval force is in place," said Miri Eisin, spokeswoman for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
(Hat Tip: The Muqata)
Kidnapped IDF soldiers to be flown out of Lebanon at 6 PM today

In yet another embarrassing display of backpedaling, Prime Minister Olmert is removing the air, sea and land blockade around Lebanon at 6:00 PM today (Israel time). It was heart wrenching to hear Bennie Regev (brother of kidnapped IDF soldier, Eldad Regev) on IDF radio this morning, when he said his brother would now be flown out of Lebanon to Iran, and his brother's fate will now be exactly the same as that of Ron Arad.

So...against the advice of the IDF, without getting anything at all in return for the "gesture" of removing the blockade, we're losing (giving away) one of the few playing cards we have left to ensure the return of our soldiers.

The soldier's parents will be meeting with Olmert today to give him a piece of their minds (YNETnews reports):

Since the decision to lift the blockade was first published Wednesday evening, anger has been building up among the families, who are infuriated over the government's conduct. They claim that they were given a promise by the prime minister that the blockade will not be lifted until a sign of life is received from their sons.

The Regev and Goldwasser families initially hoped that the decision to withdraw Israel Defense Forces soldiers from Lebanon was in some way linked to new information on their sons' fate, but after no word was received from government representatives, they realized that Israel has given up its last means to pressure Lebanon and Hizbullah on the matter.

Shlomo Goldwasser, Ehud's father, said Wednesday night: "We want answers. We want to understand what's going on here. The prime minister said several weeks ago that he regards the kidnap affairs as though these were his own sons. We are not really sure that this is how he acts, or feels."

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