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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"We're Not Going Away!"

If there's one thing every single Israeli soldier has, no matter what his job, it's motivation and determination. Proving to PM Olmert that they're not going away and will continue their protests until he and his government is dismantled and pay the price for their war failings, Reservists are heckling and preventing the Prime Minister from successfully making a pre-Rosh Hashana toast for 3,000 people. Despite the fact that security personnel are attempting to shut them up and kick them out, they are not relenting. They are showing the Prime Minister and the entire country that they won't be ignored, and they WON'T give up. You go boys!!
Hecklers Removed From Kadima New Year’s Event

A number of hecklers have just been removed from Tel Aviv’s Gan HaTa’arucha Hall, where the Kadima Party is holding its pre-Rosh Hashanah toast.

“Olmert go home!” the sizable group, opponents to the prime minister shouted, preventing the prime minister and Kadima leader from addressing the crowd of some 3,000.

After removing the crowd, the opponents to the prime minister, including many IDF reservists, continued shouting at the Kadima leader, including “where are your children serving?” in reference to the prime minister’s children who do not serve in the IDF.

Olmert Having Difficulty Addressing the Kadima Audience

IDF reservists are undeterred, continuing to disrupt the address of Kadima leader Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is addressing a crowd of 3,000 in a pre-Rosh Hashanah holiday toast.

Despite the effort by security personnel to oust the reservists, who continue disrupting the prime minister’s address, there are scuffles among the crowd which consists of a sizable number of opponents to the prime minister who continue shouting, insisting they will not be deterred until Olmert is ousted from office.

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