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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wishing You A Shana Tova U'Mituka

I am not going to be able to say anything profound or even attempt to wax poetic about the meaning of life and the New Year that is upon. It's not because I don't want to, it's because I can't. The husband and I are, naturally, up north for the holidays. We actually have no gone to sleep yet for a few reasons, the biggest one being that we had to pick up a family member from the airport at an un-godly hour of around 5:30 this morning and then treck the two hour drive up here. We're are completely zonked, and our brains are totally fried. I can barely keep my eyes open to write this, and I am making a bunch of spelling mistakes. So, here goes our Shana Tova message:
It's been a roller coaster of a year. In our personal lives, the husband and I have now been married for slightly more than a year. The first year of marriage has been lots of fun, and I didn't think it would be as easy as it was to fall into such a comfortable rythim (sp?) with another person so quickly. There were really any growing pains. It's as if we've been married for a lot more than a year. I thank G-d for making the transition of the past year such an amazing one. I thank G-d that he has helped us in our financial situation, and now we both have good paying successful jobs, as students, which is a hard thing to come by. I thank G-d that he blessed me by sending me my wonderfully loving and caring and silly husband. I am so lucky that I have him, and he is lucky to have me. I could not have asked for a better match or better person. G-d truely does work in mysterious ways that we mere mortals can comprehend, and I thank G-d every-day for making my life possible. No matter the pitfalls or complications, I am so happy to be where I am today.

On a nation scale, things have been rough. The Disengagement came before last Rosh Hashana, and before this New Year, almost to the day, we had a war. I think G-d was sending all of us a very strong message: UNILATERAL WITHDRAWAL AND THROWING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HOME FOR THE SAKE OF "INTERNATIONAL PLACATION" DOESN'T WORK. Just as the New Year is a time for all of Am Yisroel to reflect on the good and the bad and the mistakes of the past year, it is also a critical time for the nation to decide how it wants to be led and to learn from the mistakes from the past year. I try to look at it as a year-long movie. I want to edit and change the shots that were messed. I think that we are off to a great start, simply by judging the thought wave-length of Israel these days. These past 2 years' events are the culmination of the past 10 years' worth of mistkakes, since the signing of the Oslo Peace Process. It's time to start living in reality, and taking a good hard look at what's going on around us. It's gut check time.

I lay myself before G-d, and I ask him to forgive me for not turning to Him more when I needed guideness. I ask Him to help me realize how to channel this anger I've developed over the past year and a half, since making Aliyah and realizing how hated I really am, in a more productive and more proactive way than just bottling it up inside. I ask G-d to help me go back to the time when I was able to just relax and be at peace in the knowledge that whatever happened, He is there, and there is a bigger picture that I just can't see. I ask him to simply help me grow and develop as a human being and as a Jew. I have neglected my spritual and intellectual Judaic growth. I ask Him and, you, my fellow Jewish bloggers, to lend a hand and help me to attain my goals. I have a yearning inside me to return to learning. I want a Chavruta again, even if it's online. If any of you out there know of any Chavruta that might be available, PLEASE let me know. If any-one is interested in starting or joining one with me, I would love to hear from you.

My old Rabbi used to say that life was like an escalator. Either, you're moving up, or you're moving down. There is no such thing as being stagnant. I feel that in the past couple of years, I have moved down. This year, I want to move back up again. I want to be a better me, no matter how trite that sounds.

On that bomb shell, I will say to every-one, Jew or now, that we should all have a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year. May we all strive for improvement in the coming year. If I have wronged or offended any of you, I ask for michila, forgiveness. I am terribly sorry for any wrong of offense I may have caused any-one, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
Shabbat Shalom, and Chag Sameach!!!
-Olah Chadasha and Oleh Yashan

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At 3:16 AM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful New Year, and may you achieve all your aspirations! : )

At 10:53 AM, Blogger amechad said...

שנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Thank you. Same to you!


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