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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What's Wrong With The British Left?

Well, it's the same thing that's wrong with the New Left around the world. It's amazingly pathetic and sad and fearful and DANGEROUS that the situation has gotten so bad that if you're a person that refuses to justifty terrorism, especially suicide terrorism, than you're considered a right-wing xenophobe. Thank G-d, at least in Great Britian, there are some on the left who are recognizing that there is a serious problem. For many of them, it culminated this summer when they wittnessed the masses gathering in the streets to righteously proclaim that "WE ARE ALL HEZBOLLAH NOW!". Britain's Channel 5 did an excellent documentary, hosted by a moderate self-proclaimed left-wing reporter. He interviewed what would also, unfortunately, be called moderate left-wing professionals; many of them part of the many British Universities vying for "divestment" from Israel. It is split into 4 parts because of YouTube's time and MB limit. But, all 4 10 minute parts are very much worth watching. If you want to know where British, European, and Western society is heading, one only need look at what the Left has become. Even-though, I don't agree with every single word that's said here, it is an excellent barometer and thorough analysis of today's situation and the "mythic demonation" of Israel. Of course, just because I disagree with every word that's said, but I'm not about to strap a bomb to my chest or hijack a plane to "voice my dissatisfaction".

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

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