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Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Disproportionate" Is the Word of The Day Again

After this summer's war with Lebanon, any-one watching or reading the news heard the term "disproportionate use of force" used by politicians, NGOs, MSM publications, especially Europeans, so much that it became the catch-phrase of the summer. You know, like "whatever", "as if", and "Brittany Spears is pregnant". Well, as is the norm with Israel, double standards are rampant. A terrorist entity is shooting lethal rockets into the sovereign territory of another country. Said country is responding by going after the terrorist entities with lethal force. Could we be talking about Afghanistan, Iraq, maybe even Chechnya? No, Israel and its attacks against the terrorist organizations shooting rockets into Israel.

Of course, Israel is not allowed to defend its country. No, only the USA and Europe are allowed to bomb cities to hell and back in the name of defense and the "war on terror". Israel, in its defense, must exercise "proportional force". Finland, the EU, and even American spokes-men are calling for Israel to not use "disproportionate force" in Gaza. What "proportional force" is, these countries do not say, of course. Why bother going through everything that's wrong with this ridiculous statement and double standard? Let's go through, once again, though, what a "proportionate response" would be. We did this little project after Hezbollah starting attacking Israel. But, it was so well received, and every-one had a good laugh from it, so let's apply it again to this situation.

"Proportional response" to the Gaza situation? OK, first, Israel sends random Israeli "volunteers" into Gaza in order to be a Shahid. They get onto Gaza buses or walk into Gazan market places and start blowing themselves up, indiscriminately targeting civilians in order to kill as many future Gazan "soldiers" as possible. Because, let's admit it, every child of Gaza is eligible for legitimate death since they will grow up to become soldiers in Gaza's war against Israel. Anyways, then for every rocket shelled at an Israeli city, again indiscriminately targeting civilians, Israel shoots a rocket into Gaza, indiscriminately targeting Gaza civilians and hoping to kill as many Gaza civilians as possible. THAT would be a proportionate response. If Palestinian terrorists are using unconventional methods to attack Israel, then the only "proportionate" response would be for Israel to do the same. Forget using conventional military weapons that have advanced technological precision, so that the least amount of civilian casualties are lost. No, THAT'S "disproportionate". If the enemy is using human shields, the only "proportionate" response would be for Israel to do the same. I'm sure Israeli women would volunteer for the job just as quickly as the Palestinian women did at the Beit Hanoun mosque last Friday. They could come standard with military equipment, like the soldier's canteen and blanket.

Do you see where I'm going with this? The double standard that used against Israel, especially by Europe, is so ridiculous and invalid that the only way to show how big of a farce it is is to describe what a Wonderland world of "proportionate force" would look like. Alice, would you please pass the tea?

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At 6:56 PM, Blogger aliyah06 said...

I have yet to find anyone on the Left, or in the diplomatic corps, or in a think tank, or on my advisor's staff at university, who can point to an example of 'proportionate force' used in a war. Wars are won BECAUSE disproportionate force is used. This isn't a police action, where reasonable force must be used to effect an arrest--it is a war where enemy forces are bombing Israeli civilians. The European powers themselves have never used 'proportionate force' in any war in which they have engaged on their own continent or on other peoples' continents.

Let's call this double standard what it is, despite the outraged protestations of the Politically Correct. This is antiSemitism: let's criticize the Jews for not fighting back when the Nazis rounded them up, and then criticize the Jews for fighting back when the new Nazis try to destroy them.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Oh, absolutely right. Yeah, I know. The Europeans really have a right to talk about "proportionate force"...


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