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Sunday, November 12, 2006

In Case You Missed It

Once again, the leaders of the free world are talking about doing business the homicidal killers, Hamas. Why? Simple because Hamas is still in the "talks" about creating a unity "technocratic" government with Fatah. You know Fatah. They're the "moderate" homicidal killers. Even people from President Bush's office have made noises that they would accept a unity government and release the financial aid blockade that has been placed on the PA since Hamas took power. They claim that if Fatah were to join a Hamas led government, then OF COURSE Hamas would accept the Quartet's conditions; mainly recognizing Israel's right to exist and accepting all previous treaties and agreements made between the PA and Israel. Hamas has been shouting from the top of the lungs for months now that they would never recognize Israel's existence. If the leaders of the free world didn't hear them, all they have to do is read Hamas' Charter for verification. However, in case they and you missed it. Here is the Palestinian Foreign Minister saying it again. This is a great example of following Arafat's glorious legacy of double-speak; say one thing in English and another in Arabic
Zahar okays Israel-PA peace talks

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar accepted an Arab proposal on Sunday for a peace conference to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Arab diplomats said.
But earlier on Sunday, Zahar celebrated Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and reiterated Hamas' refusal to recognize the Jewish state. In an interview to the London-based Asharq al-Awsat, Zahar announced that Palestinians would never give up their right of return.

"All of Palestine is our land," Zahar told Asharq al-Awsat. "When any part of it is liberated, any Palestinian and Muslim will have the right to come."

"The withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza and the evacuation of the settlements is an important historical event. It will shape the Palestinian conflict the Arab and Islamic worlds and the rest of the world," Zahar said.

When asked if the PA intended to enter the settlements, Zahar declared that the Palestinians would "sully the dignity of Israel with our feet." Zahar indicated that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority were in agreement on the management of lands evacuated by Israeli settlers during the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005.
Again, for those of you out there that are actually still naive enough to believe the terrorists' gripe with Israel is over land or even only over the "occupied" territories, you need to read this statement again. "ALL of Palestine is our land." Do you think he was only referring to Gaza and the West Bank? Please, wake up and smell the suicide bomber.

The last statement is also very interesting. He says that the Palestinians will "sully" whatever land Israel has evacuated. How truthful! Instead of using beautifully cultivated land that was left by Israel, in Gaza (land the Palestinians called "devil's land" because they believed it couldn't be cultivated), for agriculture and just to start creating a better life for themselves, they have used the evacuated settlements to pillage, burn, exploit, destroy, divide into various tribal gang territories, and (the coup-de-gras) for digging weapons tunnels through the green houses (worth millions of dollars) that were supposed to be used to restart a better life. "Sully" indeed. Only, it hurts the Palestinians a hell of a lot more than it hurts the Israelis. There is no excuse any "pro-Palestinian" can give for why this has happened. Well, there's no excuse better than what this guy said. It's almost pathetically laughable, and it also tells you a lot about intentions. If the Palestinians and their government truly INTENDED to start their life anew and make a better existence for themselves AND prove to the world that they're ready to build their own successful state, than there was no better opportunity and "gimme" than last August. But, just like everything else, they destroyed the land and everything in it. It is NOT racist or "anti-Palestinian" to state a fact. And, this culture of destruction is a FACT. If any of you, gert or others, can prove to me one thing the Palestinians have CREATED, I'll retract every word I said. And, you can't use the excuse "Well, the Israelis never let them". It's a farce, and the past year of Gaza has shown it. You also cannot then use the excuse, "Well, the Palestinians in Gaza have been under occupation for the past 35+ years, so it'll take more than a year to get the 'yolk of servitude' of their back." Look at the facts here. While the Palestinians population and much of the EU has screamed of humanitarian crisis due to the financial blockade, Hamas has managed to still get millions in aid; enough to hire thousands of new "security" forces and get them brand spanking new uniforms. The Palestinian government boasts one of the largest employment bases in the world, and yet they've done nothing to help the country. The country, itself, has gotten millions in aid that has supposedly circumvented the government and gone directly to the people. With all this money still going into Gaza, NONE of it has been used to improve the life and society within the area and for the people. No jobs have been created. The only job a Palestinian can hope to get is within the government. No investments have been made. No investors have been brought in. All companies are completely corrupt and owned by the government, with rampant monopolies and mafia tactics.

In fact, life has gotten multiple times WORSE since Israel has left. Under their own guise and responsibility, with no-one to blame or rely on but themselves, the Palestinians and their government has done everything possible to make their lives a living hell. Instead of building and expanding the green houses left for them and creating businesses, all money and donations have been used to buy arms, weapons, and munitions in order to fight the Israeli "occupation". Occupation of what??? That would be Palestine, as their esteemed Foreign Minister made so very clear. The most ironic examples of course, are the weapons smuggling tunnels situated within the green houses, and the fact that terrorists are shooting rockets into Israel from old settlements AND from olive groves that some Palestinians attempt to rely on for some income.

There was a great interview between a Channel 2 reporter and an IJ terrorist last week, after the IDF started their operation in Beit Hanoun. The reporter asked the guy if he realizes that their actions of shooting rockets into Israel from within civilian territories, peoples' backyards, houses, etc. are causing innocent people to be killed. The guy answers very non-chalantly, "So, what are ya going to do?" He basically went on to say that some sacrifices were necessary in the greater good of fighting Israel. It was priceless. The guy couldn't care less how many of his own people died so long as he got his rockets off to fight Israel. That's the mentality that we're dealing with here.

What's worse is that there is an entire segment of Western society that is DEFENDING this behavior and mentality. The West, that is supposed to be guided by a Judeo-Christian philosophy and morality, actually condones and EXCUSES a total lack of sanctity of life. The EU leader, which speaks on behalf of the ENTIRE European Union, and even those in the United State Department are making any excuses to do business with the very people that have honed the suicide bomber and human shield. Talk about moral INclarity. The West seems to be very nervous that no-one's forced Israel to sit at the table with the people that want to kill them for a long while. Israel is the West's and the UN's way of excusing their appalling behavior and lack of action when it comes to what's happening in the rest of the world. If they can't put the spot-light on the Palestinian "plight" (You know, the most terrible thing happening in the world today.), than all of a sudden people realize that there are really horrific things happening elsewhere that the world's not doing anything about. Hey, check out all the super markets. I bet the whole world's chain stores are sold out of rose colored glasses.

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At 10:24 PM, Blogger amechad said...

You (and many others) forget something important -- the first rule of conflict management is that you negotiate with your enemies, not your friends.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Let's take the historic presentation. Our biggest enemy until 1978 was Egypt and Sadat as its leader. His first move before he did anything else was to come to Israel and speak at the Knesset. He made the first step in conceding. He said, "Forget everything else. I'm coming to speak." Then, you get down to all the messy details.

Hamas is not even willing to take 1/3 of a step in any direction except for the violent ones and their hudnas (that are so numbered at this point, it's hard to keep track). Go back to looking up negotiation in the dictionary. There are certain people you don't negotiate with. Hamas' end points don't allow for any discussions. If they did concede to those end points, they wouldn't be Hamas anymore. At that point, they wouldn't be any better than Fatah, and then where would they be? They're caught in a catch 22 in that case.


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