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Friday, December 08, 2006

My "Inhalatzia" Fun

I had some good fun today. Being that my cold had not gone away after 5 days and that a disgusting cough and shortness of breath added itself to the mix, I caved in and decided to go to the doctor. Well, that, and I needed a note for school. Yes, I'm in a Masters program, and I need a doctor's note for school. Anyways, I can add icky Bronchial infection to the classic winter cold. At least, I'm not alone. There were some class-mates also at the doctor's office with the nasty cold. I've had a bronchial infection before, but I get a new ingredient added in. Because my breathing was a bit belabored because of the cough, instead of just getting the usual Zithromax and going home, I got an Inhalation Treatment; "Inhalatzia". They put this medicine into a tube connected to a modified oxygen mask, plug it into this machine, turn it on, and you start breathing in this cool misty stuff. I sat there for 15 minutes just chillin' out and looking like an old lady on oxygen. But, it worked really well. I walked with in a completely stuffed nose and couldn't breath out of it. I walked out with a clear nose. It did nothing for my congested lungs, but it did wonders for my battered from hundreds of bad tissues nose. It was so interesting and actually fun. I didn't know breathing could be so interesting.


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