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Sunday, December 10, 2006

People of Israel Not Giving Into Olmert's Defeatism

(Reprinted from E-mail)
According to the Baker-Hamilton report, "the vast majority of Israeli body politics is tired in being a nation perpetually at war."

However, The PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, in contrast to the post-1992 Israeli politicians, have demonstrated tenacity in face of adversity, as reflected in the most recent (Nov. 2006) class of recruits to the IDF:

AN ALL TIME RECORD IN THE NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS TO THE "GOLANI" (Syrian and Lebanese front) INFANTRY BRIGADE, which played the key role in the war against Hizballah – 2 soldiers competing per each available slot, compared with 1.7 in 2005!

A 30% increase in the number of volunteers to the Kfeer (J &S front) infantry brigade.

A slight drop in the number of volunteers to the Giva'ti infantry brigade, which DID NOT participate in the war against Hizballah!

1.7 soldiers competing over each available slot in the Nachal infantry brigade, which played an active role in the war against Hizballah.

The PEOPLE OF ISRAEL have reaffirmed that most of us (in Israel) realize that there is no free lunch in the Mideast, that Israel's posture of military deterrence is a prerequisite to survival and peace, and that military service constitutes a privilege and not an obligation.

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