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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Katzav Indicted; Pigs Fly

Well, it finally happened. After months of pondering and pontificating, humiliated President Moshe Katzav has finally been indicted. So many politicians, just about every single one, is investigated for God knows what. It is very rare from accusations to move to indictment. But, it seems that Attorney General Mazuz has determined that there is enough evidence to officially indict Katzav. He's been indicted for rape and multiple counts of sexual harassment and abuse of powers. Now, here's the kicker. During this whole time, Katzav has followed the suit of other embattled leaders, namely Peretz and Olmert, and refused to step down from the Presidency regardless of how hot the accusations got. For the past 5-6 months, Katzav has remained invisible. Nobody's seen or heard from him, but he still refused to step down. The reason people were so upset about this is because of the position he holds. The Israeli Presidency is more of a dignitary position than anything political. The person holding this is supposed to be a beacon of positive light for Israel. When a black cloud spreads over it, the person is expected to step aside honorably. Katzav, being a part of the current government, refused to comply with this tradition. Well, he probably has no choice now. Now that he's been indicted, if he chooses not to step down, there's very little doubt that the government will force him to step aside. Katzav, do the noble thing, finally. It's getting ridiculous. I don't care whether you're innocent or not. This is a blight, and it's your job to to remedy it. Oh, and take Olmert and Peretz with you on the way out.

So, Hezbollah is making good on its promise. Last week, Hezbollah vowed to "step up" its actions in order to bring down the Lebanese government. Well, earlier today, Hezbi supporters and protesters started riots in down-town Beirut. They began fighting with the Lebanese Army and, tonight, have started multiple fires in the streets. All I can is that Seniora is getting what was coming to him. Since 2000, Seniora and the Lebanese government have CHOSEN to ignore the Hezbollah problem and presence. They pretended they didn't exist as Hezbollah proceeded to take over southern Lebanon and turn it into their own little country. Hey, it's not like Lebanon is that big. It's smaller than Israel. It's hard to ignore when half of your country is taken over by terrorists. But, that's exactly what Seniora did. They just pretended the problem wasn't there, tolerated Hezbollah in their government, and relegated to the fact that Hezbollah wasn't really after them. They pretended that Hezbollah's only purpose was to fight and destroy Israel, completely "forgetting" that Hezbollah is also proxy to Syria and Iran, and Syria's aim was to control Lebanon and turn into pan-Syria that it was always supposed to be. By ignoring these facts, Seniora figured that any time Hezbollah made noise, it would be against Israel. That meant he could play a double role. Pray that Israel does the dirty work for him and eliminate Hezbollah's threat from Lebanon while, at the same time, screaming and crying about how Israel is destroying Lebanon when it has nothing to do with them. Now, Seniora and Lebanon's government can "play the fool" no longer. Hezbollah is in their face and making their goals clear. They are there to topple the government, set up an Islamic State, and hand over the reigns of control to Syria and Iran, by proxy. Now, Seniora has no-one to turn to and can't in any way take care of the problem on his own. If Hezbollah steps up the fight against him to full violence, the Lebanese government will fall, and don't be surprised to see Syrian trucks moving back into the country.

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