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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Global Warming?

Global warming is hitting extra hard this time around - With rain in Israel, and the entire North East of the U.S. covered in snow, one has to wonder where my Global warming went. I mean we have been told that the world is heating up, and that we should embrace our selves for the climate changes that will most likely come across the world over the next few year. In Israel we declared a pre-matured drought after we didn't get enough rain in December, and that there wasn't enough snow on the Hermon for us to go and Ski. Of course it was all due to Global warming, what else could it have been??

So to all of you in th
e U.s. shoveling snow, and those in Israel running from the rain (and hail), all I can say is enjoy it while you can because I promise you that by June - July Global warming will hit and we will all suffer from it's heat!!! At least for a few month - till Winter comes by again!

And for now - here are some pictures of the snow (found on weather.com):


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