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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Israeli Police In Very Hot Water *UPDATE*

We've discussed in the past how bad the Israeli Police are, but apparently, it's rotten to the core as well. On Friday, it was announced that a scathing report would come out today in which an official government inquiry into certain top echelon police officers' activities in a case stemming back to 2005 would be revealed. Now, even after reading the case, I still don't understand all the details, but it includes purposeful negligence, a dirty cop that was killed, perhaps even money bribes. It's such a convoluted story that it's hard to keep track of who was accused of doing what.

However, the allegations are against some of the top cops in the country, including the head of the country's police force. They're in the middle of going over the report, and it's not looking good in the slightest. Already, 2 top cops have been recommended for dismissal and even demoted in rank before retirement. It's worse than some people thought. I think it could be good. Perhaps, this is the first step in a complete retooling of Israel's police force. It's desperately needed. We'll see where it goes from here.

*UPDATE*: The Chief of Police is now giving a press conference in which he is formally announcing that he is resigning from his post. It was expected, but from the way other people in power in this country have handled similar situations, nothing was guaranteed. He is proclaiming his innocence, but oh well. Doesn't matter now. The result of these police officers' actions:
The two brothers being held for the crimes in relation to the dead corrupt cop are copping a plea bargain because there isn't enough evidence to convict them for conspiracy to commit murder. If serious changes to Israel's police system doesn't occur, which falls on Minister of Internal Security, Avi Dichter, none of this will have mattered one bit.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone with eyes in his head could see that the police were rotten to the core.
Will it get better?
Depends who does the cleaning up.


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