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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Non-Issue Issues

These are the "huge" issues going on, but I don't consider them issues at all because they're wrapped in non-sense and the big intelligent word, "DUH!!" So, why bother talking about the following topics when you just laugh when you read them:
1) Hamas and Fatah signed a unity government deal in Mecca. Why is this a non-issue? First of all, Hamas and Fatah called this a "peace agreement". By now, we all know what the meaning of "peace" and "truce" are to the Palestinians. It's the equivalent to them as the game of tag is to 5 year olds. For the Palestinians, the words "peace", "truce", or "hudna" means "Time out!" or "Home Base!" It's a time for them to take a breather until they can regroup and attack once more. It serves neither of these groups' best interests to comply with this agreement. The only reason this charade is being paraded is to increase Saudi Arabia's stock in the eyes of the West. Saudi Arabia wants to be seen as a player in the Middle East, and they want to enter the arena of mediating a peace agreement in the Israeli-Arab conflict. This is their ploy to show their seriousness.

Another reason why this is a non-issue? Well, what was the whole purpose to get this unity government done? Get the West to unfreeze PA assets and continue the flow of aid directly to government. But, OH! OH! OH!, looky here! Hamas won't recognize Israel, even with the unity government agreement, and there's NOTHING in the agreement that specifies that Hamas has to. So, what's this agreement? It's a piece of paper that both parties can use for toilet paper. READ THE REST...

2) Arabs riot in East Jerusalem over construction at Temple Mount. This is one of the lies that has been perpetuated by the Arabs and Palestinians for decades on end. It has been one of the best excuses used to attack and kill Jews. The Arabs' claim that the Jews were trying to destroy Al-Aksa or the Noble Sanctuary and were going to rebuild the Templ was the reason for the Hebron massacre in 1929. What sparked it? Jews were bringing chairs to sit and pray at the Western Wall. Who sparked it? The imams at Friday prayers. Why is this a non-issue? While the MSM climbs all over this story like it was Paris Hilton on a Saturday night, any-one who isn't blind can go to the construction site and see that this is nowhere in the vicinity of any Muslim mosque, and all of this hoopla is only fueling the Palestinian violence. Why the MSM keeps falling for this hoax and lie is beyond me. Oh wait, no it's not. The MSM is dominated by liberal hacks that actually believe the Palestinians' lies. They take them at face value and don't even do the minimum amount of work and research to discount their story. Nowhere in these MSM reports do they mention the history of these claims, their lies, and the blood that has been spilled because of it. Just about every week, the Muslims claim that Israel is building tunnels or digging under the Mosques in order to topple them. All the while, they don't mention the fact that THEY have been weakening their own mosque foundations by all the cheap and ill-fated labor and construction they have been doing. Oh well. Non-issue #2.

3) Olmert and Peretz are fighting again. I watched Channel 2 news last night and watched the transcript going on between these two again. Olmert and Peretz are at each other's throats about how to handle the construction at the Western Wall. Now, Peretz is threatening Olmert that he's going to go directly to Attorney General Mazuz if Olmert doesn't authorize the removal of outposts in the Shomron. But, but, but, here's the kicker. Both, Olmert and Peretz have said that their ongoing conflicts DO NOT INTERFERE IN THEIR ABILITY TO RUN THE COUNTRY!!! These two can't talk to each-other without going at each-other's throats. This is the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister! This is like two dogs trying to piss on the same fire hydrant to mark their territory, only the fire hydrant is a country in which millions of lives depends on the leadership and decision making of these two men. G-d help us! These two are supposed to meet almost daily to speak about the security status and situation in the country, and they can't get through 5 minutes of conversation without screaming at each-other. The rest of the time, they DON'T EVEN TALK TO EACH-OTHER! Since Olmert signed a deal with the devil to get Labor into the coalition and appointed Peretz DM, the country hasn't really had a government running the country. Why is this a non-issue? This has been going on since this government started. Peretz is spending more time getting his platform ready for the Labor primaries than concentrating on his Defense Minister position. Olmert is spending more time trying to stay in office one more day than worrying about actually running the country. So, what's the point of making another big deal about this? Might as well just sit back and laugh at the situation... or cry. Whichever feeling over-comes you first. The country is running itself at this point, so in essence, their conflict is NOT hurting their ability to run the country.

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At 11:02 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Interesting counter-arguments to the recognition-issue by Uri Avnery.


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