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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Israel Quietly Taking in Thousands of Darfur Refugees

I'll make this short and sweet. While the rest of the Western world, especially Europe, is thumbing their noses up their butts about the dire situation in Darfur, Sudan, Israel has actually been taking action to help the people being raped and murdered. While Great Britain is busy planning their boycott against Israeli goods and academia, Israel has somehow become the refuge for those in need from Darfur. And, you know what? Israel is accepting these refugees with open arms. For some reason and somehow, these third world destitutes that have lived their lives with no running water, electricity, or Television with the threat of death hanging over their heads every single day somehow heard that ISRAEL is the place that will accept them, take care of them, and shield them from harm. Tonight, Channel 2 news announced that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Darfur refugees are risking their lives to get here.

Think about it. Think about where these people are coming from. They are literally WALKING from Eastern Africa under threat of death to Israel for salvation. That's right. The racist Apartheid country is accepting thousands of black Africans. NO-ONE ELSE HAS TAKEN THEM IN. THEY'RE NOT TURNING TO ANYONE ELSE FOR HELP EXCEPT FOR ISRAEL! OH YEAH, AND ONE MORE THING. WHILE THE BRITISH ARE THUMBING THEIR MORAL NOSES AT US, WE'RE ACTUALLY HELPING THOSE IN NEED. What are the British doing? Oh yeah, that's right, NOTHING.

When it comes right down to it, no-one cares what a bunch of British and Euro-trash pseudo-intellectuals have to say about Israel. All that matters are those thousands of desperate people in need that have turned to Israel for help and got it.

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