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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Leftist and Christian Activists Ignore Dire Plight of Palestinian Christians

Sorry I haven't been posting in a few days. I am recovering from a bad bout of flu and have not been able to sit much in front of the computer. I'm still not 100% yet, but I can look at a computer screen now without throwing up, so we're on our way. Anyways, T.M.I., sorry, let's get down to business. There is something very important to talk about that's largely being ignored by all the leftist and Christian activists that are engaging in boycotts of Israel. They are ignoring the dire plight of the Palestinian Christians at the hands of the Palestinian Muslims. Let's look at the basics of the leftist logic here before we get into specifics. The leftists and peaceniks believe in the Palestinian right of return. They believe that the Palestinians should have a full right to live in Israel. They believe Israel is racist because it's a declared Jewish state regardless of the fact that at least 20% of Israel's citizens are NOT Jewish. However, on the other side, they believe it's fully OK for a future Palestinian state to be completely Judenrein, or free of Jews. They make no demands that a future Palestinian state should be open and safe to all religions. Actually, they don't say a word about any declared Muslim/Arab state's lack of tolerance or freedom towards other religions or even other sects of the controlling religion. No, it's only toward Israel. In fact, instead of protesting or giving any sort of outcry against the misogyny of Islamic state (which you would think would happen given that these leftists are supposed liberals and feminists), they romanticize it and chastise those that protest these policies by calling for tolerance and acceptance of other peoples' cultures.

Furthermore, while protests galore are held in the Western streets about Israel's perceived lack of religious tolerance, e.g. protests held when Israel started digging for a new secure walkway outside of the Western wall which were nowhere in the vicinity of the Muslim Al-Aqsa Temple but were protested by the West as violating the rights of the Muslim religious sites in Jerusalem, not one protest or peep is heard about the plight of the Palestinian Christians. No, that's not right. The only time a peep is heard about the Palestinian Christians when, around Christmas time, the MSM writes articles about how Israel's Security Fence is responsible for the lack of big crowds in Bethlehem. This is patently false, but I digress. The Christians in all Palestinian areas are being mistreated, abused, and even persecuted by the controlling Palestinian Muslims, NOT as a result of any Israeli policy. However, as Hamas is solidifying their control of Gaza and beginning to establish a radical proxy Iranian Islamic state, the Christians of Gaza are in severe peril. Their lives and religious way of life are in clear and present danger. Front Page Mag discusses the ignorance, enabling, and justifications of the Palestinian Muslims' behavior that have led to the present situation of a Palestinian Christian population that stands in real danger of being completely eradicated. Yes, religious tolerance... READ THE REST...
Christian Monastery Attacked in Gaza
By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Palestinian Media Watch | June 20, 2007

During the recent fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah, the Christian community in Gaza was also targeted. The Palestinian paper Al-Ayyam reported that “Armed masked men… stole, destroyed and burned down a monastery and a church school in Gaza, after they bombed the main gate with RPG shells… they destroyed the main gate of the monastery with an RPG shell, and then entered the church and destroyed everything in the monastery: The crosses, the holy books, computers and photocopy machines." They appeared to be members of Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades, however, the Hamas has directed the blame at the Palestinian Authority police.

It should be noted that while this may have been a Hamas attack on the church, the Christian community has been suffering under Fatah rule as well. Ever since the West Bank cities were given over from Israel to the Palestinian Authority the Christian population has been living under very difficult conditions.

Palestinian writer Khaled Abu Toameh recently reported in The Jerusalem Post on the ruin of the Christian community of Bethlehem:

"The conditions of Christians in Bethlehem and its surroundings had deteriorated ever since the area was handed over [from Israel] to the PA in 1995…. 'Every day we hear of another Christian family that has immigrated to the US, Canada or Latin America… The Christians today make up less than 15 percent of the population'… "Samir Qumsiyeh [said]: "I believe that 15 years from now there will be no Christians left in Bethlehem."

When the West Bank was under Israeli administration the Christian population of Bethlehem was over 60%.

This attack on the Gaza church, though more aggressive than the actions in Bethlehem, seem to be part of a Palestinian pattern of marginalizing the Christian community.

Gaza Christians warned to submit to Islam

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Staff Writer

Gaza-based Muslim groups affiliated with Hamas and possibly Al Qaeda have warned local Christians that Hamas' military conquest of the volatile coastal strip means they must now fully submit to Islamic ritual law.

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Sheikh Abu Saqer, leader of the group Jihadia Salafiya, said that Gaza's Muslims “expect our Christian neighbors to understand the new Hamas rule means real changes. They must be ready for Islamic rule if they want to live in peace in Gaza.”

“Missionary activity” will no longer be tolerated, and those suspected of trying to covert local Muslims to Christianity will be “harshly punished,” said Abu Saqer. Additionally, the consumption of alcohol is now prohibited in Gaza, and all women must fully cover themselves in public.

In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, Abu Saqer announced the formation of a new “military wing” that will a close eye on the subjects of “Hamastan.”

Following last week's unprovoked assault on a Catholic church and school in Gaza City, most are unconvinced that even full submission to Gaza's new conservative Muslim overlords will afford any degree of peace and security to the area's tiny Christian population.

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