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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hard To Blog These Days

It's been very difficult to find the will to blog these past couple of months. Oh, trust me, I have the time. I'm a lazy procrastinator of the worst kind. Blogging is usually the thing I do when I have other more important matters to deal with but just don't feel like it. However, for the last couple of months, I just haven't really felt like logging on to put down my thoughts and feelings and ideas. Don't get me wrong. I have just as much to say now as I always do, but every time I get the urge the right or feel like I have something to say, I just can't seem to get the urge to type them out.

I don't really understand why this is happening. In any case, in order to try to get over this hump and attempt to get back to regular blogging, I think I might need to keep my thoughts short instead of the usual novels I tend to express myself in. OK, here it goes. Here are my thoughts for today:

- Maybe, all Ivy League Schools are this arrogant by design of their reputation and standing. But, the gall and arrogance of Columbia University's President Bollinger is ridiculous and laughable. That he thinks that HE, of all people, can not only successfully confront but also force the Iranian President to answer tough questions with any sort of directness or honesty is pathetic. As I've said before, Columbia University's decision to INVITE is simply a microcosmic example of the greater sickness that is being suffered on college campuses throughout the United States. Allowing a terrorist to speak in the name of "free speech"? OK, then, I expect Columbia to next not just allow but to INVITE with open arms the ROTC that they have banned from campus decades ago. Then, on the list is the director of the Minutemen, whose invitation Columbia rescinded after a confrontation last year. Then, they will INVITE the grand wizard of the Klu Klux klan. No? I thought we're in the business of allowing different ideas and opinions on the college campus. If that's the case, why can't a guy stand up and discuss their opinions about the black and Jewish races?

Let's get real here. Looking at the left-wing sites like the Daily Kos, the reason that those that are agreeing with Mahdi's "right" to spew his hatred is because they AGREE with what he's saying. They don't believe he's a terrorist. No, how could he be? Bush is the biggest terrorist of them all. To them, even Bin-Laden aint so bad. They think he's cute, and even-though he'd kill them and, actually rip apart every single civil right these nut jobs believe that Bush is stealing, just as soon as look at them, many of them would rather he be their President than Bush. They agree with his notions that Israel should be destroyed. They may not agree that the Holocaust didn't happen, but they certainly believe that the evil neocons and dastardly Zionists have hijacked the Holocaust to "justify" every action Israel has committed since before its inception. So, really, what's the big deal if Ahmadenijad comes to speak at Columbia? What he's saying isn't so bad, is it?

By the way, is this really a great and grand exercise in free speech? Not really, as it turns out. Courtesy of Hot Air:
Closed to the public, no protest signs allowed, questions to be asked via index card with no back-and-forth between the students and honored guest. A “free exchange of ideas” indeed. In a way I’m glad, though: this puts all the pressure on Bollinger to grill him. If he softballs him — which he probably won’t lest the few remaining scraps of his credibility end up in the toilet — he’ll never hear the end of it.

- When the Dean of one of Columbia's schools said that the would have HAPPILY invited Hitler in 1939, a thought came to me. You know what? In the scope of history, we have to finally admit that we re in 1939 all over again. We are once again on the precipice of a major historical event, and once again, most of the West, especially Europe, is on the wrong side. Europe is trying its hardest to ignore Israel's air-strike in Syria earlier this month. Whatever happened, we do know for a fact North Korea was involved in it. Those European nations involved in the much maligned and haplessly failed 6 party talks have chosen to remain, either, silent or belligerent on the event. They have invested over 7 years of failure and appeasement with nothing to show for it but North Korea's AND Iran's continued build up in nuclear weapons and material. Europe really does want that when this time they stand up and scream once again, "Peace in Our Time", without a shot being fired, it will actually be true. Of course, we know that those those do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

There is only one difference between 1939 then and 1939 now: ISRAEL. This time around, the Jews won't go quietly or easily into that good night. This time we won't wait around again as the West sacrifices us. This time, we'll fight for our survival. This time, we'll win and save the rest of the world from themselves. Yet again.

- As I watch Bollinger speak, he has yet to have Mahdi answer a question. It is so pathetically obvious that nothing positive will come of this except Mahdi going back to his country telling his people how many supporters he actually has in the United States. Mahdi will not answer any question directly and will come away looking no worse than when he entered the auditorium and will have earned oodles of PR and propaganda points for having the "courage" to stand up to the evil Americans and Zionists that try to bully him into betraying his country's most fundamental beliefs. Ahmadenijad has all the free speech he wants back at home. He doesn't need it on American soil where he has directly sponsored the deaths of hundreds and thousands of American lives dating all the way back to the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

Bollinger may not have to stand up for this meeting, but he will have to now answer to his hypocrisy of "free speech" in regards to all the other people and groups that he has not allowed or invited to speak on his campus. As he finishes his speech, his arrogance shines through in spades. He says that he feels the weight of the free world on his shoulder for his questions to be tough enough. Why?!? He's the one who asked Mahdi there to begin with. Again, what did he think HE was going to be able to accomplish???

Ah, the students clap for Ahmadenijad and his words! Why am I not surprised. This is already going as bad or worse as I expected. Good work, Bollinger. You really hit it out of the ball-park on this time.

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At 10:34 PM, Blogger Yehudi01 said...

I agree with you...I was apalled that someone...especially an institution of the highest learning would give him a stage and an audience. Inconceivable.


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