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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hitler To Vist Yad Vashem To Pay His Respects

Sound ridiculous? Well, besides the fact that Hitler is dead, this is how nonsensical it sounds that today's most notorious Holocaust denier and Genocidal promoter, Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, not only wants to lay a wreath to "pay his respects" at Ground Zero in New York City, but he has also been invited to speak at Columbia University.

While Walt and Mearsheimer are hawking their modern version of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion and complaining about a secret Israeli/Jewish attempt to silence their "dissent", Columbia University's Arab oil money laden Middle Eastern Studies Department and Dean of the School is welcoming Ahmadenijad with open arms. All in the name of "free speech" and the "public debate of ideas". I didn't know that openly calling for the destruction of another country and denying the death of 6 million + people fell under the guise of free speech and public debate. I don't know. Maybe, I've just been out of college for too long. Would Columbia University have allowed Adolph Hitler to come to speak at their school in 1933? Would they have allowed him to spout his propaganda and call for the eradication of the Jewish people to ensure the survival and supremacy of the Aryan race? Well, if the school was run by the post-modern relativist Arab money run "educators" that are ruling Columbia today, they would have been more than happy to allow Hitler to exercise his right to free speech and dispersion of "different ideas".

OK, let me put it another way. Would Columbia allow the grand wizard of the KKK come speak and discuss how the "inferior black race" has to be eradicated and driven our of America? Would Columbia allow some "historian" come speak and discuss how black slavery NEVER happened, and how he has found new "historical proof" that "proved" that blacks were brought voluntarily and those that died at sea died of sea related diseases and not because of abuse of some systematic method by their sea carriers? If you dare to answer yes to any of these questions, you're lying to yourself. You're also not living in reality. READ THE REST...

For some "unexplainable" reason, it is only the Jews that are free reign for "debate". When the Holocaust is denied, or Holocaust deniers brought to college campuses, it is protected under free speech. That's the way it should be. I'm not arguing with the right to spout off whatever disgusting or perverse piece of garbage you want. However, nobody fights it because there are many that believe that the topic deserves to be "debated" and other "ideas" and "opinions" should be open to discussion. Any sane person would say that historical fact is not open for debate or difference of "opinion". The Holocaust's historical fact is just as proven as 200 years of black slavery. Who has ever stood up and dared to debate black slavery? Even if some college white supremacist group dared to try and put some advertisement in the school newspaper "debating" whether black slavery happened, no paper would accept it. But, the Holocaust is fair game.

Columbia's audacity is just a symptom of a greater issue. The left and liberal elites of today, especially on college campuses, believe that Israel is a mistake that needs to be rectified by its destruction. Now, I'm sure that they don't believe Israel should be destroyed violently, but the do believe that Israel should not exist and should never have been created. They believe Zionism is evil, thereby admitting boldly that Jews, unlike any other group in the world, don't deserve to have their own country and are barred from self-determination. Of course, conversely, they believe that the Palestinians have an inherent right to their own land and believe that every second it is denied to them is a violation of every sacred human rights law that has ever existed. Go figure. Is this double standard antisemitism? Make up your own mind. They call it anti-Zionism. I don't see a difference. The second you single out one group at the expense of any other group committing the same "crime", you are treading in the discrimination pool, regardless of what you call it.

I could go on, but what does this small example of the liberal elite's attitude say about Columbia University's latest move? They see the Iranian President's speech as nothing more than promoting an opinion they all already espouse. His call for the destruction of Israel is NOT a call for genocide in the minds of these Ivy League educators. Oh no. It is merely a call to help the Palestinians gain their national manifest destiny. And, this is all that the liberals want. There is no terrorism. They are all freedom fighters, fighting the evil Nazi Israelis for their right to a country.

I'll leave you with one last piece of food for thought. This little tidbit will allow you to really understand why Ahmadenijad's speaking at Columbia is not at all strange. If you walk down the halls of the Middle Eastern Studies Department, where the Professors' offices are, you will see many maps of the Middle East on their doors. Many of these maps do NOT include Israel on the map. Instead, PALESTINE covers where Israel should be. Not, just Gaza and the West Bank, but the entire country.

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