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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Real Desecration Ignored By World & MSM

As the Mainstream Media and foreign governments resume berating Israel for construction of a bridge next to the Western Wall, claiming that it infringes on the Al-Quds Mosque, while in reality being nowhere in the vicinity of the Temple Mount, they are consequently ignoring the real desecration. The Muslim Waqfi has control over the Temple Mount, not the Jews or the Israeli Government even though it is the holiest site in all of Judaism. As the world makes a mountain out of a non-existent mole hill, the Waqfi are pulling the wool over their eyes as they dig up the Temple Mount area. It has been well known that the Waqfi have, over the past 40 years, uncovered countless priceless artifacts from the Second Temple period. Instead of preserving them or even bothering to call in archaeologists, they have simply thrown these artifacts away with the day's trash. The reason is simple. The waqfi have a vested interest in attempting to convince their people and the world that there is no proof any Jewish Temple existed and that, subsequently, the Jews have no connection to the site, and that it ultimately belongs to the Muslims and Islam itself.

OK, fine. That's been going on for years and have been relatively ignored. Why does the world ignores it and chosen to cry whenever the Arabs make a fuss over Israeli/Jewish archaeological digs that have never been in the vicinity of or in any danger of ruining the Muslims' section of the Temple Mount? Because, unlike the Muslims, the Jews aren't going to riot and threaten and kill anyone over these artifacts. Human life is more important to us than some pots regardless of their historical significance. Besides, we believe that when the Temple is rebuilt, G-d will dole out due retribution to those that have dared to desecrate His sanctuary. But, now comes a desecration of epic proportions. While digging up ground, unsupervised and with no regard for archaeological integrity, the Waqfi has uncovered and is subsequently destroying an entire section of what used to to be part of the Second Temple. And, yet, no-one is saying a word. The world is concentrating on the Jews' non-aggression, and they are absolutely ignoring what the Waqfi is doing. I'm sure the Waqfi is just laughing their way all the way to the Mosque. Yes, and we're expected to buy it when the Palestinians claim that if they had control over the Old City, including the Western Wall, they would both care for any historical artifacts found and allow the Jews to pray in peace. Yup, OK.

Here's a great video on the latest desecration:

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