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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bush In Business of Creating Terror State & Destroying Them

At the start of the much heralded Annapolis "Peace" Conference, President Bush made a couple of statements that shows that his post-9/11 policy of destroying terror states has officially been sacrificed in search of the hallowed pursuit that has been plaguing every President and Western leader since May 14th, 1948 when Israel was created: Bringing peace to the Middle East. Of course, when I say Middle East, I mean between Israel and the Palestinians. Although, every Western leader has the insane and counter-intuitive notion that bringing peace between Israel and the Palestinians will magically restore peace to the entire region.

How do I know that President Bush is willing to forgo his entire Presidential legacy of fighting Islamic extremism? Firstly, in a joint statement between him, Olmert, and Abbas, they stated that they are committed, and see it as completely possible and realistic, to reaching a new peace deal by the end of 2008. We all know that President Bush's reign will end in January of 2009. Making a statement that he will commit the last 14 months of his presidency to getting signatures committed to paper shows that in lieu of all common sense and reason, President Bush is aiming for another Tabba and Camp David agreement. Only this time, he believes he will succeed where President Clinton went wrong. He believes he'll get the Palestinians to say yes where Arafat said no. He believes this can be achieved with the weakest leader in Israeli history, Olmert, and the man that couldn't command his own pants to stay on his legs, Abu Mazen. But, the goal of achieving "peace" is more important than reality. It always has been. It makes rational and brilliant men and women turn into complete zombies of idiocy.

Secondly, President Bush is calling for the creation of a Palestinian state at a time when the people are at its lowest desire to live in peace with Israel. He says now is the right time, more so than ever, for a creation of a viable FREE Palestinian state. By his very words, President Bush is stating that before he leaves office, he is going to everything in his power, short of donating the shirt of his own back, to creating a Terrorist State next to one of the United States' strongest allies. Let me make this clearer. While thousands of U.S. troops have died in the fight to bring an end to Terror States in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Bush is actively attempting to create another Terror State in Palestine. So, his whole speech about destroying all Terror States and those States that harbor terrorists does not apply to the one entity that clearly aims to not only destroy Israel but to assist in destroying America and American interests. It's clear to anyone with eyes, and even the blind could see this, that the ones truly in charge of the Palestinians are the terrorist organization, and the vast majority of the Palestinian people are totally FINE with this. Not only are they fine with it, but they want more of Hamas! But, in the name of "peace", President Bush is willing to overlook these tiny little details and sacrifice Israel for the sake of his legacy and for the sake of erasing the mess he's created in Iraq; a mess that now finally being cleaned up.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to be the only issue that makes the West travel through the looking glass into a world of make believe, where the Israelis are the bad guys and the Palestinians really want sunshine and co-existence.

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At 4:22 AM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

It has been awhile since I have come to your blog.

It is amazing how we change, evolve, and emerge in our own thinking. I can remember a time when you loved Bush, felt as if he were a friend to Israel, and now, I read otherwise.

That being said, I want to set the record straight. I do not believe in the creation of a Palestinian state, especially so long as Hamas is in power. Fatah is loyal to its own people, not to the Jews.

Good to see you coming alive again.

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