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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A terrorist by any other name would smell just as sweet

Well, I've been reading very interesting comments from Captain's Quarters' post on the Washington Post op/ed piece in which Mousa Abu Marzook, a indicted terrorist deported to Jordan for his associations with Hamas, talked about Hamas' changes and how they really stand for peace, etc. Well, it appears that there are actually people in the world that believe that Hamas' "make over" is sincere, and that the world should still deal with them, diplomatically and financially. "Please, Mr President, keep giving them money. They've changed honest. This op/ed said so. There's no reason to go by all they've done and said since 1987. This guy said they've changed, and, well, they didn't run on a campaign of death and destruction. They must have seen the light and changed their evil ways. Let the money flow!!!"

This scares me more than Hamas getting elected. That there are people out there, that you would assume to be moderately intelligent, that would be believe that Hamas is no longer a terrorist group because they've been elected to government, "democratically", worries me right down to the bone. As I've said , Hamas is using this ploy in order to gain legitamcy for the unjustifiable. And, it looks like it's actually starting to work. It's as if people are saying that al-quada has changed because Bin Laden is wearing an American flag on his lapel and hasn't said he wants to destroy America in the last five minutes.

All the facts laid bear on the table, even as recent as... oh... TODAY!! shows that Hamas has not changed their tune and agenda. They have no interest in democracy or "peace". They want to kill, steal, and destroy Israel, and drive the Jews into the sea. I am so frustrated with people putting on their moral relativist's rose colored glasses and not seeing what's right in front of their face, that I want to scream at the top of my lungs the plain horrific truth. THEY WANT TO KILL JEWS!!!! Nothing more. Nothing less.

Those who are surprised at Hamas' victory, or those choosing to believe that Hamas has changed over night are those who have their heads in the sand, hoping against hope that if they believe these murderers, these terrorists, have changed, and that we "understand" them now, they'll just turn into nice beautiful people.



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