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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's hitting the fan in France again!

OK, first of all, in case you guys haven't noticed, I am trying to start a book club on the blog. I have already posted 2 books that I've read and recommend. Here's what I would like to do. On the right of the side-bar, I've posted the 2 current books that I'm reading. I tend to read 2 or 3 books at once. It's a nasty habit, I know. Anyways, I would also like to hear about good books that you're reading, so I can post your reviews on here. If any-one's interested in joining the book club or contributing, please let me know, either via in the comments section or via e-mail. You can get my e-mail address by clicking on my name and going to my profile. I hope this can become a regular instilation on the blog.

Alright, on to more fun matters; more France riots. I've written about France's panchant for appeasement and bending over to the will of violence and evil (here ). Well, most of us intelligent people are in the know that the riots in France that started late last year never really stopped. The news just stopped reporting it. Both, because the story became old, and the French government begged the media to stop covering it. Well, France's youth and students have taken up the riot call of their Muslim brothers. They are protesting the First Job Contract Law, which the government said it proposed to encourage hiring of new employees, especially young ones. Sound good, right? Ah, but here comes the rub for all you fans of socilism and all its nast goodies. Under the law, the hiring firm would be allowed to fire an employ without reason within the first 2 years of their employment. Fellow Americans, does this sound familiar? Are you scratching your heads yet as to why this such a big deal for the French kiddies? Well, in America, if you're a non-salary employ, you can be fired without reason and on the spot. There's no requirement for two weeks' notice, seveerence pay, etc. Of course, you can sue or complain if you feel you've been fired for discriminatory reasons, but that's besides the point.

Back in good ol' France, the unions have secured pretty strong protections for employees. Under current conditions, once hired, it's extremely difficult and expensive to fire some-one. Well, this immense difficulty resulted in firms and businesses not hiring any new workers. Unemployment started to rise to the double digits, even as high as 50% in some areas. (Amechad; read here: Socialism=bad) But, as you can imagine, after this new law was proposed, the unions would be up in arms about the possibility that it might be less than difficult to fire some-one even in the face of the fact that no-one was able to get a job because of their policy. Apparently, the Unions and some agreed that this new law would effect young persons and students the most. They say this even-though the members of the government who are in favor of this law have screamed that this will help the young people the most. They also say that they proposed the law in response to the riots late last year. You see, the French government still believes the riots had nothing to do with religion. Ah well, live, not learn, and die.

In any case, what happens? The Unions encouraged the youth and various student Unions to protest this law. How, praitell, should they do that? Well, by rioting and setting fire to cars, of course! At this point, you're slapping your forehead and saying, "DOH!". Over 200,000 students have taken to streets all over France, protesting, burning cars (I wonder if any of these cars actually belong to the students or their parents. You would think that they would need the car for their partying and stuff.), looting shops (What do other decent hard workers' businesses have to do with some bratty kids not getting their way? No idea, but it makes a point), and committing other acts of "youthful" mayhem. This also makes me wonder why they're not in school, but that's just a tiny detail.

Well, the French government is being the good appeasing ass suckers that they usually are and are calling to a halt to the riots by declaring that they will do pretty much anything the Unions want in order to reach a compromise even to the point that they will take the law off the table. This says a couple of things. 1) That France will always capitulate to pressure; without and within because it doesn't have the guts or the balls to stick to anything or do the right thing. 2) The Unions will not accept any compromise other than reverting back to the old laws. Even if it means unemployment rising to astronomical and catastrophic levels. This is the problem with Unions, especially purely Socialist ones. They don't really care about the people. Ironic, isn't it? In any event, now that the French population has seen that its government will give in to the will of people under duress and violence, they apparently now see that anything they disagree with can be settled and atained via violence and destruction. Seeing as it worked last fall, I and, I assume, the people in France see no reason why they can't use this tactic over and over and over again. Welcome to the new France. Just don't bring your car. You may not be able to leave with it.
(Main source used: CNN.com)


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