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Friday, July 07, 2006

An Anniversary Britain has Already Forgotten

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin, and LGF)
Today, is July 7th, 7/7, the one year anniversary since London experienced its very own version of the suicide bomber. Muslim suicide bombers blew themselves in the Underground and on a bus, shocking the British world as they saw that terrorism has hit the UK. Now, I've dogged on Europe, especially France and Great Britain in the past (You can read those past articles here, and here. But, it's only because it's the right thing to do. At a time when British citizens and civil human beings should be standing up and denouncing Muslim Extremism and not cowering to the pressure of threatened violence, they are doing exactly the opposite, and because of their appeasement, anti-British and anti-Western sentiments are growing abound in the British and greater European world. The liberal Brits believe that only more understanding and more compassion and more hugging will lead to the decrease and eventual dissapearance of hatred in the world. "Hey, they say, it's not the Muslims' fault for hating us and our ways. It's our colonialist imperialism and evil Western ideals that have turned these other-wise peace loving people against us. If only we were better, and we took the time to understand their grievances, all our problems with them would be solved." Has this attitude worked? Well, on a day when the death of the innocent should be commemorated, a new poll shows that a staggering 13% of British Muslims believe that the homicide bombers responsible for the 7/7 attacks should be referred to as "martyrs". Why is this number so staggering, you may ask? I mean, it's ONLY 13%. Well, 13% of British Muslims comprises over 200,000 people. That aint a minority in my book. That's a hell of a lot of people to be having that kind of an opinion. Between 7-16% of British Muslims believe that suicide bombing can be justified. 16% said that they would be indifferent if a family member joined Al-Queda while, luckily, only 2% said that they would be happy about it. Now, I'm not a big believer in polls. I believe that they're used too much in vaccuum and don't really say anything unless one looks at the surrounding events to see if they coincide with the results. In this case, they do. Actions speak louder than polls, and the actions of the past year should be incredible alarming to the British people. Anti-semitism in Great Britain is on the rise, and anti-semitism in Europe is at its highest level that it's been at since before WWII.

The British have placed themselves in a position of dhimmitude. They are now constantly caving in to Muslim pressures in their effort to attone for their sins and live in a happily every after contstructed PC world. It started with created an official Muslim Council attache to the Prime Minister's office. What were some of their first actions? Well, they wanted the annual Holocaust Memorial Day abolished, because they said it was offensive to Muslims. They also wanted the pink bunny removed from Easter, because, some-how, it was offensive to Muslims. A known terrorist was allowed to enter Britain and speak. What about now? Well, the Church of England is considering abolishing Saint George from being the official Patron Saint of England, because they're afraid that the image might be too offensive to Muslims. Saint George has been a major figure in British lore since 1098. But, I guess if you're afraid that it might be too "warlike" for a group's liking, you have to aboloish almost 1,000 years of tradition.

Recently, British Muslim leaders accused the British government of not doing enough to appease the Muslim community, and one British Muslim parliament member actually accused the government for being at fault for the extremism that lays in their midst. At least in words, Tony Blair countered back with harsh criticism, saying that the Muslim community, as a whole, must denounce extremism and heal it from the inside-out. He says that the incredibly false grievences against the West must also be addressed. I say, in words, because in practice, Britain is doing everything it can to show its Muslim community how much its willing to citicize, change, and abhore its own Western ideals. If you want to see how off the deep end to the left or liberal a society has become or is going, check out its media. The British media is ripe with liberal and Muslim terrorist sympathizers. The BBC refuses to use words like terrorist to describe Al-Queda "insurgents". They don't regard Palestinian terrorists as such, they refuse (on principle of course) to call Cpl Shalit's kidnapping a "kidnapping, and they even barely used the word terrorist after the Londong bombings last year. The BBC has even refused recommendations to use the word "terror" and "terrorist" where it is obviously warranted.

What about the newspapers? Well, I already printed a typical headline from The Independent. How about The Guardian? Well, they still refuse, even with all the contradictary evidence, to correct their headline in which Israel was blamed for the Gaza beach killings from a few weeks ago. The British media has become the podium for appeasement, both in its own society and around the world. They bash America, the war in Iraq, and they are constantly, even more so than the New York Times, attempting to make HAMAS look like a moderate Boy Scouts operation just waiting for the evil Israeli occupiers to turn off their evil Western tanks and sit down at the peace table with them. I receive appeasement comments from British bloggers all the time here. What's so sad that even after terror in their own back-yard, British liberals are still willing to freely point the finger back at themselves, at the entire Western world, and, yes, at Israel as the cause of the terrorist attacks. This is why Britain will soon become Britainstan, and the entire European world will willingly submit to becoming the second class citizens that they view themselves to be.
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At 6:57 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Worse, I've heard of a case when it was forbidden to put the Union Jack on the back of trucks because "it might be offensive to Muslims". Can you believe it???

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Unfortunately, yes, yes I can believe it.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger Gert said...

You'll find a risposte to your rant over at my soapbox.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

gert, did you actually think your little "rebuttal" wouldn't garner a response from me? You say that you will not answer my claims. Is that the "extra ammunition" you were talking about? Did you actually think that your remarks were so clever and "true" that I wouldn't dare respond to your attacks, both against my words and my character? If you did think that, then you were sorely mistaken. I truly understand that you have nothing of substance or value to add, especially when your comfortable views are challenged. You don't answer questions when they're posed to you. You "conveniently" leave out matters that you don't want to address and then proceed to harp on one small detail, e.g. some-one's spelling error(s), or if they say one small thing that you don't want to be associated with. It's the classic method of avoiding issues and running away because you don't have an answer. So sad. How old are you again? Maybe, you should stick to stuff you know a lot about. You know, like the name of your blog. When's the last time you actually wrote anything that had to do with developing web presence or other IT related topics? Oh, that's right. Nobody would your blog if you wrote about that kind of stuff. Well, if you would like to discuss this topic intelligently, I suggest you actually read something other than The Guardian and The Independent and watch something other than the BBC. Then, I'll ask you for some handy books on web developments. M'kay?


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