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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yom Ha'Shoa Upon Us Once Again

For the past couple of years when Yom Ha'Shoa dawns upon Israel, I've written about why it's so important to have a separate day to commemorate the systematic extermination of the Jewish people by the Nazi regime. For some reason, this argument has always managed to stir up a hornet's net of debate around the blogosphere. Honestly, I don't understand why, but I digress. Debate, when done in good and fair taste, is always a good thing. Well, I'm going to change tracks this year. I'm not going to write about why this day is so important. No, if you want to know why I think that, you can read my previous articles. No, this year, I'm just going to leave you with a simple video that is part of a series that I am doing. The subject is Holocaust Denial in the Middle East. It's a simple formula. Claim that either the Holocaust never happened or that the numbers were exaggerated or that the Zionists were behind the relocation of the Jews so as to get them to come to Palestine. Then, talk about Israel is perpetrating the REAL Holocaust against the Palestinians, but that the world is simply ignoring this horror out of regret and guilt of the so called Jewish Holocaust. It's already working. Britain's department of Education has discovered that schools across the country are beginning to cancel their Holocaust and Crusader History classes out of FEAR of their Muslim pupils and out of FEAR that the teachers will clash with the teaching of the Mosques. This is because the Mosques are teaching these children that the Holocaust NEVER HAPPENED. Instead of countering this horrific education, the British educators are giving in, OUT OF FEAR, and reinforcing this denial teaching by not bothering to even teach the children and correct their ill informed minds. Well, if the schools aren't teaching about the Holocaust then of course these children will just believe what the Mosques are saying. It never happened...

Watch it, and then tell me whether it's important or not to have a separate day to force the world to remember what they allowed to happen. I won't be writing again until tomorrow night. I hope everyone, whether they agree with this day or not, has a meaning Holocaust Memorial Day. When we say NEVER AGAIN!, I hope this year we actually meant it.

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